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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

TNI Online Ordering Instructions & Incentives
Our Canadian Upline Sponsor, Amira Havas just sent in this info for all our Independent Product Consultants.

Hi Team Leaders!

TNI has asked us to utilize the online ordering system to streamline our business and our company. Most companies have been operating this way for years and TNI has decided it is time to do the same. This is a smart business decision since one top leader pointed out that it costs TNI an average of $4 per call to process an order by telephone whereas it only costs them $.90 when we order online. This allows them to invest that money saved into more projects like TN Cafes and promotions to help us increase our businesses. So that is a win-win for everyone!

As an added incentive to begin placing our orders online, they are offering discounted shipping for orders over $125 (for a limited time)! There are additional benefits to ordering online too - my favorite of which is the ability to store customers' shipping/billing/credit card information on a secure site. This is especially helpful when I'm out of town and need to place an order for a regular customer and don't have access to my customer card file! The other great convenience is that you can order 24/7 - and with TNI's new limited hours, this is a great convenience!

So why not give it a try? For those of you who have never ordered online, here are the detailed instructions on how to do so:

Online Ordering Instructions
* Go to www.nonioffice.com
* Enter Your IPC#
* Enter Password You Created
* Should Open Your Back Office
* Click on Store Link on the Left Hand Menu
* Select Product Categories from Left Hand Menu
* When Done Selecting Products Click "Continue Checkout" from Shopping Cart
* Enter Your Name or Customer Name and Shipping Address
* Click "Continue Checkout"
* Select Shipping Method (UPS Ground/UPS 2-Day/UPS 1-Day)
* Enter Payment Information and Save it By Checking Box "Remember My Credit Card Info"
* Click "Continue Checkout"
* Enter Billing Address if Different than Shipping or Check Box "Same as Shipping Address"
* Options - Use Other IPC# or Send No Packing Slip - Make Selections or Ignore then Click "Continue Checkout"
* Order Review and Credit Card Security Code [3-Digit # on Back of Credit Card Signature Panel]
* Click "Place this Order" Button

If you need assistance at any time placing your order, please call TNI Customer Service at 888-386-6664.

Helpful Hints:
* If you wait too long to place the order, it automatically empties the cart and you have to start all over.
* There is a Quick Order feature that just lists all the products without pictures and descriptions when you are in a hurry.
* It will save an unlimited number of customer shipping addresses and credit card numbers on its secure server for your convenience. The only information it will not save is the 3-digit security code - you must enter that every time.

Thought for the Moment

Pictures of the Noni Taipei Grand Opening and Expo
Can you "hear" what these pictures, taken five days ago from the Tahitian Noni Expo and Grand opening of our Lifestyle Center are saying. "Get ready for the Noni chapter 2 revolution":

Pictures From Noni Taipiei
Pictures they say, speak a thousand times better than words. So, "listen" to a thousand better voices of Taitian Noni in Taipei, Taiwan.

Thought for the Moment

Noni Taiwan: Grand Opening and Expo- A Huge Succeess!
Wow, The way the high waves of our Tahitian Noni weaves across the Asian shores these past few weks is breath-taking. Now, it is the turn of Taipei, Our esteemed Shon, VP, marketing Communications, brought us this life account, please, enjoy:


Wow! What an amazing event we just had in Taiwan. More than 4,000 IPCs, friends and consumers attended the two-day extravaganza, which included the grand opening of our Taipei Lifestyle Center and the 1st Annual Noni Expo, sponsored by Tahitian Noni international. The feeling was electric and all that attended were blown away by the beautiful, fun and chic styling of the new store, Tahitian Noni Café™, and training center.

More than 120 reporters showed up for the grand opening festivities, including representatives from every major news outlet in Taiwan. The grand opening featured a special appearance by long-time TNI friend Carina Lau, a famous actress from Hong Kong who’s starred in over 60 films in Asia. The day’s activities were capped off by an amazing leadership meeting with our top 800 Taiwanese leaders. Kelly Olsen and the incredible Taiwan staff officially launched our ShopTNI strategy, and the IPC leaders went crazy!

The following day, TNI Taiwan put on the first-ever Noni Expo, an event dedicated to teaching the general public about the noni plant. Activities included entertainment from some of Taiwan’s best performers, plus appearances from O Tahiti E, a Tahitian dance troupe. Attendees were treated to over 20 different booths and exhibits that explained the benefits of noni-based products and allowed them to sample each Tahitian Noni® product line. All that attended had a great time and were motivated and very excited about our future here in Taiwan. I have included photos of the Lifestyle Center and the grand opening events, and will follow up with some of the amazing media coverage that has come from the event as it becomes available.

I’ve attended hundreds of TNI events in the last nine years, but none have been as cool or fun as the Taiwan grand opening and Noni Expo. This is just the beginning, and I am convinced that the future will be bigger and more amazing than any of us can imagine.

Shon Whitney
Vice President,
Marketing Communications
Tahitian Noni International

Thought for the Moment

New Noni IPC Starter Kit Coming August 14!
Thank you Shon, for sending us this timely info, we appreciate you and your dinamic work.


Get ready for a brand new IPC starter kit! Beginning August 14, each new Independent Product Consultant that joins your group will receive this brand new, updated kit. It’s now called the Success Path™ Starter Kit, because it’s designed to get you and your IPCs on the path to success!

The new kit includes:

  • Welcome letter from Regional General Manager
  • 5 Tahitian Noni™ Rewards brochures
  • 5 IPC applications
  • Policy manual and CD
  • Fast Start Camp workbook
  • DVD with clips from Origins & Destiny, Find Your Place, From Tree to Bottle, and A Passion and a Promise
  • Tahiti Tradewinds magazine
  • Noni Office flyer
  • 30 TAHITIAN NONI® Juice interest cards
  • Magnet with key TNI contact info (customer service phone number and website address)

We’re also improving the online signup process, which will make it easier and more convenient than ever for new IPCs to join your organization.

With a new kit comes a new signup fee. However, the signup fee does not change if your new IPCs enroll over the web or at a Tahitian Noni Lifestyle Center! Beginning August 14, the cost of enrolling over the phone or via mail or fax will be $40 per IPC. But when signing up online or in a Lifestyle Center, the cost remains just $35.

The new Success Path Starter Kit will help your IPCs better understand their new business and what they need to do to be successful. Of course, the key to their success will always be the support and training you provide them, but TNI is doing all it can to help ensure their—and your—success.

Shon Whitney
Vice President,
Marketing Communications
Tahitian Noni International

Thought for the Moment

Noni Nigeria: Adjustment to Prices and CV
My inestimable friend, Craig Richards, the RGM, TNI Access & TNI At-Large, sent in this mail as notice to all our Independent Product Consultants (IPCs) for our information. So get ready to move up with the Noni Juice trend. Good luck. Yes, we are truly lucky because the Naira (Nigerian Currency) has tremedously appreciated against the U.S Dollar in the last 3 weeks, thanks to ther "Soludo Solution". Now the rate is about 127:1 as cvompared to 146:1 which the master importerof record (MIR) Mr. Isaac Ezechukwu used as conversion before the latest changes. Let's await the final local adjustment by Isaac.


For nearly ten years now, Tahitian Noni International has worked hard to keep the price of TAHITIAN NONI® products the same as the day we opened our doors for business. Now—as the costs of manufacturing, transportation, salaries, fuel, (and an increase locally to the duties rates in Nigeria) and every other aspect of doing business have steadily increased around us—the economic realities of doing business finally require us to make our first-ever adjustment.

Effective August 14, 2006, the price of TAHITIAN NONI® liquid dietary supplement will increase by 8% as follows:

4-bottle case: US$213.00
120/120 QV/CV

We will keep the same US Dollar commissionable value (CV) amount of US$120.00 per case.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Thank you for all you do in taking TAHITIAN NONI® products to the world. There’s never been a better time to be a part of Tahitian Noni International!


Craig Richards
Regional General Manager
TNI Access & TNI At-Large

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