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Monday, August 07, 2006

Noni Croatia: Regsitration for Jade Camp Now Open!
Announcement from TNI, for the Autum Tahitian Noni International's Jade Camp:

Ia'Orana Partners!

Get Ready for our 5th Jade Camp from 20th - 22nd October!!
Autumn Jade Camp 2006
Dubrovnik, Croatia

The Call of the Mediterranean….

Imagine a place where the time is your best friend, where your pace slows you down to motions of a slow dance, where air carries an aroma which touches your senses, takes your breath away and then brings it back impressing a new energy within you. Imagine a place where the passion of the equinox fills the sea cliffs; where Euterpa, the muse, inspires creativity of musicians whose music finds perfect harmony with the sound of waves. More than imagining, you may experience the charms of Raguseum this fall by attending our Jade Camp in Dubrovnik.

REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN!! Call 0800 0322 665 from the UK and 1800 550 251 from Ireland

The venue will be held in Hotel Croatia, Cavtat, approximately 10 miles away from Dubrovnik old city.

THE CROATIA HOTEL lies in a beautiful position on a peninsula overlooking the Adriatic on one side and the picturesque old City of Cavtat on the other. The world famous medieval walled City od Dubrovnik can be seen from some hotel terraces.

We have reserved three hotels for accommodation for IPCs -- two are located in Dubrovnik, and one in Cavtat:

Hotel Croatia Cavtat (www.hoteli-croatia.hr) lies on secluded peninsula overlooking Adriatic sea on one side and romantic old city of Cavtat on the other. Full spa and wellness services offered at this location as well.

- Address: Hotel Croatia Cavtat, 21210 Cavtat

Hotel Grand Villa Argentina (www.gva.hr) is located next to the old city and has one of the best views of the city walls. The hotel offers you a variety of relaxing choices as part of their spa and wellness center.

- Address: Grand Villa Argentina, Put F. Supila 14, 20000 Dubrovnik

Hotel Dubrovnik Palace (www.dubrovnikpalace.hr) is isolated from the urban turbulence, surrounded by sea and pine woods. The experience is enhanced with spa treatments.

- Address: Hotel Dubrovnik Palace, Masarykov put 20, 20000 Dubrovnik

Please note that you may choose the hotel you'd rather stay in, however the choice is "first come, first served'“ so make sure you get registered quick! All hotels are 5* hotels and each one has it benefits.

When: 20th – 22nd October 2006

superb IPC training by top leaders
meals and accommodation for you and your guest for 2 nights

Qualification Period: January – June 2006

Registration Fee: €90

~ CAS qualified
~ Personal paid-as Jade or above for 2 of 6 months Cumulative
~ ASQV4 of 15,000 or more during January to June 2006
~ Need to have completed to Fast Start & Coral Camp

~ CAS qualified
~ Maintain personal paid-as Jade or above status
~ Increase ASQV4 in increments of 5,000 and over previous attendance
~ Qualification within the qualification period

To reserve your space, you must include a €90 non-refundable registration fee per distributorship with your registration form. Registration for this event will open from 1st August.

As previously, we will be holding a Fast Start Camp and Coral Camp (English speaking) at the same location just before Jade Camp. Here are the details:
Fast Start Camp – 19th October in Hotel Croatia Cavtat from 6.00pm to 8.00pm
Coral Camp – 20th October in Hotel Croatia Cavtat from 9.00am to 3.00pm
You can register for these camps online or by calling the toll free number as usual.

You do not want to miss this opportunity, so please send in your registration form (which has been sent to qualifiers in the post ) right away!

Registration for Autumn Jade Camp 2006 is NOW OPEN!!
Call now to register on 0800 0322 665 from the UK and 1800 550 251 from Ireland

Thought for the Moment

The Noni Million Dollar Conference Call This evening..August 7th
Steve Stegel is one Noni Millionaire that has proofs of noni Success, There is an appoitment with destiny tonight if you care enough to depart from being called a destitude!

Million Dollar, Monday night call

August 7th,2006 @ 9:00 pm E.S.T.
Cost: 30 minutes of your time,
Value: 1 million Dollars

1-620-294-3000 4017#

This call is from the Coaching system:
How to build your TNI business &The Second Wave

Earn an extra million dollars over the next 10 years,
Steve will show you how

Your goal: Have a new person on the call this Monday night and see what HAPPENS!!!!
do NOT MISS it!!!!
Call early to reserve your spot, 8:55pm e.s.t.


Thought for the Moment

New Sign-Up Method for TNI Access
Hello, Distributor Warehouse Operators! DOWs, this is the latest info for you from the TNI Access, This gives you more ample oppoutunity to recruit more active IPCs for your Tahitian Noni Juice business.

Hello DOWs,

We are pleased to announce that we have a new online IPC sign-up system for use in conjunction with the DOW system. We have beta-tested this system in other markets, and has worked very well so far. To ensure a smooth and quick transition, sign-ups through the old method (with the Excel sheet) will no longer be accepted after today, August 7, 2006. We have decided to do this early in the month so that by the end of August you can be familiar with the system and we can work out any problems you may encounter. This will be a really good system. We think it will reduce your workload and ours, and it will make the turn-around time for sign-ups as fast as you and your IPCs can work it out.

The first step you need to take is to report to your Regional Sales Coordinator the exact number of starter kits you have in stock currently. Once we have this number, we can begin training you on the system. Please reply urgently and begin using the system as soon as possible; we do not want to come to end of the month and have problems that could have been taken care of earlier.

This is not an optional program—it is the ONLY program available for sign-ups as of tomorrow.

Let us know if you have any questions.


David Wilson
TNI Access/www.TNIAccess.com
Tahitian Noni International/www.TNI.com

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TNI Conference Call Online: Your Noni Amour For Success
Wow, what a tonnage of business buider tools for success! Amira Havas sent in this for as many of you lifestyle Product Consultants that care to succeed this year. If you are truly desirous of building your Tahitian Noni Juice business, You need this tools for superlative success this year. The learner is the true leader. Click on a conference call date below to listen to the call. If you wish to download the call to your computer (so you can burn it onto a CD or download to your ipod/mp3 player), click on the download link with your right mouse button and do a "save as".

Aug 5 2006 - TNI History - John and Floyd - download mp3
July 22 2006 - Leaders Summit Review - John and Floyd - download mp3
May 22 2006 - Million Dollar Club - Steve, Dorthy, and Alex - download mp3
May 24 2006 - Why TNI - India Call - Floyd Holdman - download mp3
May 6 2006 - Expand Business - Competitor Comparisons - Floyd & John - download mp3
Apr 19 2006 - UK Conference Call - Merlin Weekes - download mp3
Apr 15 2006 - Saturday Training Call - Floyd Holdman & John Bentley - download mp3
Apr 11 2006 - UK Conference Call - Phil Pitman - download mp3
Apr 10 2006 - Million Dollar Club Conference Call - Steve Steggell - download mp3
Apr 06 2006 - India Conference Call - Floyd Holdman - download mp3
Apr 05 2006 - UK Conference Call - Floyd Holdman - download mp3
Apr 03 2006 - Million Dollar Club Conference Call - Steve Steggell - download mp3
Apr 01 2006 - Join the Million Dollar Club - Steve Steggell - download mp3
Dec 03 2005 - Building Business - Steve Steggell - download mp3
Dec 12 2005 - Club Marquesas Cruise - Floyd, John Bentley, Trudy Crow - download mp3
Nov 5 2005 - Gifted Volume and Placement Strategy - Floyd Holdman - download mp3
Oct 15 2005 - Catch the Train - Floyd Holdman - download mp3
Oct 1 2005 - How to prospect strangers - Floyd Holdman - download mp3
May 28 2005 - Setting your Compass - Floyd Holdman - download mp3
April 9 2005 - Your enthusiasm sells - John Bentley - download mp3
Mar 19 2005 - TNI opportunity - Floyd Holdman & Marcus Howship - download mp3
Feb 05 2005 - Building Blueprint for Success - Floyd Holdman - download mp3
Jan 15 2005 - Being Happy - Floyd Holdman - download mp3
Jan 10 2005 - Talks about the New Year - Floyd Holdman - download mp3
Dec 4 2004 - Parable of the Popper - Floyd Holdman - download mp3
Oct 9 2004 - Awaken Your Dream - Floyd Holdman - download mp3
Sep 11 2004 - Give and receive / Analogy of the dead sea - Floyd Holdman - download mp3
Aug 14 2004 - Tools to use when building your TNI business - John Bentley - download mp3 Aug 12 2004 - The business opportunity - Rob Witty - download mp3
Aug 12 2004 - Momentum and Duplication- Floyd Holdman - download mp3
Jul 24 2004 - Making Choices - Floyd Holdman - download mp3
Jul 3 2004 - Supporting Leaders - Floyd Holdman - download mp3
Jun 23 2004 - The automatic deferral for one calendar year - Kelly Olsen - download mp3
May 7 2004 - Info on Equine Product - Floyd Holdman and John Wadsworth - download mp3 May 1 2004 -New noniusers.com web site - Floyd Holdman - download mp3

The ball is now right in your court, It is a crime to watch your business go down and you do nothing about it. Such a failure would be a crime against your destiny. With this tool, you can't afford to fail again. Failure is a disgrace to parents, YOU Shall Not Fail!- Aderemi Ojikutu, Leader Treasure Noni Team TNT, Nigeria.

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