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Monday, August 28, 2006

Tahitian Noni Receives Publicity Boost In Florida Elections
The Chapter 2 of that awesome book called Morinda is getting on stream, as Tahitian Noni Juice 'sipped' into the memory of political audiences and voters in the forth-coming Gubernatorial elections in Florida.

Four weeks ago, I brought to the attention of our noni fans world-wide the story of the "Noni Governor" Michael St. Jean, who among others, aspires to receive the baton from Governor Jeb Bush in Tallahassee. The media blitz that attend to the gubernatorial race has effectively rubbed-on our darling product- TAHITIAN NONI JUICE, in the most prominent news media that are covering the elections. Every appraisal of candidates's chances has led to a good mention of St. Jean's current vocation which is Tahitian Noni Product consultancy. He has also with wisdom, shared his testi'noni' of how the miracle juice has saved him from being bound to the wheel chair.

What a time for our IPCs to take our story to town now that a layer of people who have never or have casually heard of Tahitian noni are hearing it again. What more St. Jean has blazed the trail by defining our focus, He said: "...My biggest asset is that I'm a problem-solver, ..." So let's get the Tahitian Noni out in the electioneering weeks and show the people how the Tahitian Noni Juice and Products can solve problems. This is the "One Good Thing" that can yet happen to Tallahassee!

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  • I was researching candidates for the Florida governorship election and found myself on your site. This is a good insight to what the candidates, particularly your candidate- the "Problem-solver" offers.

    good luck to the noni candidate.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2:21 AM  

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