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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Tahitian Noni Phoenix Update and Changes to U.S. Management

Any casual look at the amazing pace of growth of our American team, in recent times, would naturally leave the observer green with envy. Scott Florence brings us the info, on these latest pace of that growth in this post. Congratulations to the elevated leaders and also to our American team-mates.

la’Orana U.S. Leaders!

As you continue to make the United States market explode, TNI continues to drive forward with its expansion plans. We now have three Tahitian Noni Lifestyle Centers (Atlanta, Dallas, Provo) and four Tahitian Noni Product Centers (New Jersey, Houston, Hawaii, Costa Mesa). Construction on our new Phoenix Tahitian Noni Lifestyle Center and Tahitian Noni Café™ is flying along and should be completed early next year.

Phoenix will be our fourth U.S. Lifestyle Center! It’s located in a spectacular new development called Westgate City Center, which includes the new stadium for the Arizona Cardinals football team (this is where the next Super Bowl will be played!), the home of the Phoenix Coyotes professional hockey team, and tens of thousands of square feet of upscale shopping and living space. It also includes more brand-building signage space than anywhere in the U.S. except Times Square! Westgate City Center is the perfect place to build the Tahitian Noni® brand with our next Tahitian Noni Lifestyle Center and Tahitian Noni Café™.

Opening a new Lifestyle Center also means making some exciting changes to our U.S. management team. This is a very exciting moment for me. After much study, evaluation, consideration, and input from the executive leadership of the company, I am very happy to announce the following changes, effective September 1:

Brett Barrett, who has been functioning in a dual role as Mountain West sales manager and TNI Corporate Ambassador, will now focus 100% on the Corporate Ambassador role. Brett will host IPC leaders throughout the U.S. as they come and see, visit, become a part of, and invite their downlines to TNI World Headquarters.
Hector Contreras, our current assistant sales manager in the Mountain West, will become the new Mountain West regional sales manager. Hector has a track record of unbelievable dedication to our IPCs and their businesses and passions.
Jonathan Hallstrom, who has been our Midwest regional sales manager, will become the head of our new Phoenix Lifestyle Center. We are also creating a new U.S. region known as the Desert South Region, which includes New Mexico and Arizona. The Phoenix Lifestyle Center will be the anchor of the new Desert South Region.
Leon Atcitty, who is currently an assistant sales manager in the Pacific Region, will take over as sales manager of the Midwest Region. Leon also worked as an assistant sales manager in the Mountain West, so he is very experienced and passionate about helping IPCs build their businesses.

I want everyone to understand how excited I am about the future of TNI. This company continues to be the standard of the industry, and no other organization operates from such an incredible position of strength. We have grown faster and paid out more than any company in history. We have re-invested more back into this company than any other. We literally launched two industries: the noni industry and the exotic healthy beverage industry. Our compensation plan is a standard that, even after 10 years, is still copied and compared against. If you cannot find a reason to get excited about TNI today, you never will! There is more to get pumped and excited about today than ever before.

Thank you all for your invaluable contributions to the hottest, most rockin’ market in the world. Never forget how valuable and important your contributions are to the success and future of TNI, and more importantly, to the success and future of your personal businesses.

Scott C. Florence
Regional General Manager,
North America/Australia/NZ, Tahitian Noni International

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