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Monday, July 10, 2006

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Thought for the Moment

U.S. Government and Tahitian Noni Visit: Great Honor

Our Tahitian Noni Blues is fast becoming a great resource material and proud health banner, internationally. In the last five days, we have had the great prviledge of two unique and august visitors.
The United States Centers For Disease Control and the Tahitian Noni International (Morinda Incorporated). Wow! Their visit was not premeditated, it was google-searching of associated names and Noni countries that led these two to our site.

In less than two months of been on cyberspace we have had visiyors from over 33 countries and from all the continents
of the world. we are also proud to reveal that about 50% of these guests arrived through the Google search engine. We promise to remain an ethical morally upright source of infomation to all guests. The issues of health and wellness is a subject that has occupied the center-stage of world attention and we promise to remain focused and continue to be an information channel for all.

Mega thanks to our darling organization- the Tahitian Noni International and our mentors and friends, starting from The Morinda 5 - Kelly Olsen, Kerry Assay, John Wadsworth, Kim Assay, Stephen Story,
Floyd Holdman, Dru Young Briedis, Cynthia and Bill Kenner, and of course, Amira Havas, Anita Johnson, Wanda Tucker and a host of other leaders, Shon Whitney, Scott Florence, Robert Dean Jr., Dru White..., too numerous to mention here.

We believe that one day soon, when the history of Tahitian Noni would be compiled by historians, your name and awesome contributions to this nature's gift from paradise to a world, suffering from sickness and poverty, shall be writ in gold.

Thought for the Moment