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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

President Kelly Olsen of Tahitian Noni International: GLOBAL UPDATE

There are some people in your life that you have carved a special place for them in your hearts. The warmth of such cosy habitation finds expression in the way your lips pronounce their nicknames, which on most occassions, are unique and peculiar to you alone. In my case, Kelly Olsen is one man I call "Presi" with fondness. I serve you this monthly inspiration and motivation that comes from his pen to all leaders and lovers of Tahitian Noni products. In the last 3 months in Nigeria alone, we have brought the Juice, (this miracle fruit from 'Paradise') to improve the health and wealth of our people; and this is to the tune of over $1,200,000.00 (one million, two hundred thousand dollars!) Now take your own 'dosage' of "Presi's" update:
Ia'Orana Everyone,

I believe that life has times of acceleration and repose. If that is
true, the past few months have definitely been a time of acceleration for
TNI. It has been almost three months since our International Leadership
Conference in Hollywood, and I have completed a worldwide tour of all of
our major markets, spending significant time in each. The purpose was
to make sure all things are ready for the introduction of what we have
been calling our 'Chapter 2' strategy.

This new strategy is the foundation for the next generation of TNI. We call
it Chapter 2, but just to be clear, this new business model includes the

  • ShopTNI: The multi-channel shopping system.
  • Tahitian Noni Rewards Membership: The new consumer position in our compensation plan.
  • Campaign Strategy: Sure systems for Independent Product Consultants to build volume and income.
  • Positioning Statement and PR Strategy: Designed to increase brand awareness and strengthen public image.

Before I go on, I want to tell you that I have never felt more
confident in our company's ability to go forward with force. Our management at the
global and local levels is the best in the industry. Our infrastructure is
strong and able to produce the support and results we need. All things are ready
to go forward with confidence.

Our plan coming out of Leadership Conference was to get all things in
place in each of our five largest markets for this new business model by
yearend. After Leadership Conference, we determined that this timetable needed
to be accelerated. The result of that decision? On May 13 we launched our
Chapter 2 model in Japan to the largest audience ever to witness a Tahitian Noni
International event. Over 10,000 people attended our one-day launch
event in Yokohama, Japan. We then held ribbon cuttings on our newly refurbished
Tahitian Noni Lifestyle Centers in Tokyo and Nagoya.

On June 2 and 3, we will officially launch Chapter 2 in Europe,
including the grand opening of our newest Lifestyle Center in Munich, Germany.
We expect several thousand Independent Product Consultants and guests to
attend this event from Norway, Sweden, Germany, and Austria. The press event
we have planned there will be the largest positive media initiative in Europe in our
company's history.

On June 9 and 10, we will officially launch Chapter 2 in the U.S. market in
Atlanta, Georgia. The U.S. market is our fastest growing market at
present and our intent is to use this event to keep this growth in high gear.

On July 28, 29, and 30 we will officially launch Chapter 2 in Taiwan.
We are actually designing a new prototype event that will be unveiled for the
first time in Taiwan. We are calling it a "Nationwide Noni Expo". This
event will be a two-day expo designed to introduce the world of noni, specifically
TAHITIAN NONI, of course, to the general public in a very consumer friendly

The event will feature booths, exhibits, new products, innovation,
demonstrations, entertainment, celebrities, and many special activities
that will capture the attention of consumers and interested people countrywide.
Of course this event will also feature the grand opening of our next Lifestyle
Center in Taipei, Taiwan.

So, by the end of July, the first phase of Chapter 2 will be introduced
in all of our major markets and we will immediately begin to implement
future phases designed to expand and accelerate this new business model.

Chapter 2 will find us more focused, more muscular, more
technology-based, more flexible, more able to take advantage of opportunities,
more concentrated on our largest markets, more dedicated to building the
Tahitian Noni® brand.

I have had the opportunity to work from the Taiwan office for the past
5 weeks also spending significant time in Japan, China, and Hong
Kong and the experience has been invigorating.

Our Tahitian Noni Lifestyle Center in Taipei, Taiwan, is in a very chic
and upscale part of town. It is nearly directly opposite the tallest
building in the world, Taipei 101! This imposing and magnificent building
is the centerpiece of the most amazing business, shopping, entertainment,
and residential section of Taipei. The main tenant of our building is Hewlitt
Packard of Taiwan.

This section of Taipei, not so many years ago, was farmland, so it is
probably not surprising that directly behind our building is a very
impressive building lot that I'm sure very soon will house the latest beautiful
high-rise building in this area. Currently, however, the owners are continuing
to farm this land. As you know, I have the habit of coming into the office very
early in the morning. I have had the pleasure of watching our neighbors come
every morning very early and tend to this amazing garden. Every kind of
vegetable you can imagine is being grown there and it is meticulously cared

I am a bit amazed because I know this land is worth tens of millions of
dollars, yet the owners continue to grow their garden, continuing what they
have no doubt done for generations on that very same spot. This sense of
tradition and persistence is impressive to me and I find myself wanting to
emulate their example in my own life. Continuing every day, keeping in touch
with tradition and commitment, not changing our fundamental character just
because of the promise of money. I will always remember this great lesson
and example.

Now I am a passenger on United 830 from Nagoya to San Francisco on my
way home. I opened my window shade just in time to see a most amazing
sight. Our aircraft flew directly over Mt. Fuji, Japan's iconic volcano
mountain. Everyone in the aircraft was silent as we flew over the crater of
Mt. Fuji, a view that very, very few people have ever witnessed. The image
is still clear in my mind. So many wonderful things happen to us every day-
new friends, new experiences, new sights and sounds.

We are heading into the most exciting part of 2006. I hope you are
ready, mentally and physically. The stage is set for us to firmly establish
our Chapter 2 strategy and move the company into a brand new era. I feel
like I'm 25 again!

As I leave you today, I want you to remember the great words of Shakespeare
in "Henry V". King Henry was leading a desperate and outnumbered
army against the French on the eve of the famous battle on St. Crispin's Day.
At the end of one of the most stirring speeches in literature, he ends with this
simple statement to his beloved army:

"All things be ready if our hearts be so!"

This is the same message I leave with you all today. "All things be ready if
our hearts be so!" I look forward to many opportunities yet ahead of
us to meet and share our vision.

All the very best,

Kelly Olsen
Tahitian Noni International

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