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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Tonight's TNI conference call - Lifestyle Center Update
Tahitian Noni International is making exciting strides with Lifestyle
Centers all over the world. Desert South Regional Sales Manager
Jonathan Hallstrom will give us the latest for North America!

Tuesday, August 8, 2006, 7 PM Mountain Time, 6 PM Pacific

Tahitian Noni International has a new conference call system! To
listen, dial 1-888-864-5842--available for replay 24 hours a day through next
download an audio file of the conference call from your Noni Office

Thought for the Moment

Conference Call by Floyd Holdman Last weekend
I bring the link to those who missed last weekend conference call by Floyd Holdman to you. enjoy:

Floyd Holdman was on the conference call told the history of Tahitian Noni International and the evolution of our record setting marketing plan.

Be sure to listen here http://tinyurl.com/o888d

Blessings, Guidance, and Health,

Amira Havas www.amirahavas.com
The One Good Thing you can do for Your Future!

The Original Tahitian Noni Juice
from Tahitian Noni International

Thought for the Moment

A message from Amira 'Noni' Havas to You:

Hi achievers,

Steve Steggel in last night call highly recommended to purchase the publication of "Noni News" to help you out with your business. .

The number to call to order this is: 1 (800) 837-1510.

The cost is $40.00 U.S. for 100 papers. The size is 8-1/2" x 11", and this unfolds to four pages.

Steve Steggell regarded this publication to be the best that he has ever seen, either from TNI or Direct Source, so that is quite an endorsement!

Blessings, Guidance, and Health,

Amira Havas
i luv noni

Thought for the Moment