Tahitian Noni Blues

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

The Juice; The Joy & The Jewel

The journey to treasure is lubricated with
the juice that sweetens the destination.

The pleasure and promises of a good health
is a magnet that pulls everyone, everywhere
into the juicy pool of Tahitian Noni Juice.

Take a shot, a flight and a tour of this health
Paradise, Ride with the fastest-growing health
company in the world...Tahitian Noni
International Inc.

Thought for the Moment

Evergreen Success Forum

Information regarding the Evergreen Team Success Forum
Friday June 16
through Saturday June 17:

We will be having a special training section during our
Success Forum on how to get the most out of tax
breaks as an IPC for TNI. It will be taught by

Jean Rahman from Atlanta.

Jean is an ex-IRS examiner/auditor and is currently a

certified tax consultant. This will be very informative
for all those looking to save money on their taxes
and to make their business audit proof for the IRS.

The Gala Dinner for the Evergreen Team Success
Forum will be at Floyd and Ann’s new home on
Saturday evening, June 17. All attendees of the

Success Forum are invited. We will have Tahitian
Dancers for entertainment!

To register for the Success Forum if you have not already:


Thought for the Moment

The One Good Thing!

Thought for the Moment