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Saturday, May 20, 2006

Noni Japan: Chapter 2 Launch Attracts Largest Crowd in TNI History

More than 10,000 Japanese IPCs gathered in the Yokohama Arena in Tokyo last weekend as TNI Japan became the first region in the company to launch the new ShopTNI strategy. Speakers included Kelly Olsen, Shon Whitney, Dr. Anne Hirazumi-Kim, and a special visit by Oscar Temaru, President of French Polynesia! To cap it all off, the company recognized over 1000 IPCs for their amazing contributions to TNI’s success.

Chapter 2 was completely unveiled, just like it will be in other major markets over the next few weeks. Groundbreaking topics included:

  • Official launch of Chapter 2 strategy by Kelly Olsen
  • 3 powerful ways to build your volume this summer: Tahitian Noni™ Rewards program, Power Products, Product Certifications
  • Media coverage update
  • Success Path™ updates
  • The future of the Tahitian Noni® brand

TNI also opened brand new Tahitian Noni Lifestyle Centers in Tokyo and Nagoya, and we announced we’ve signed a lease for a new center in Sapporo, to be opened early next year.

We’re also in the middle of the largest brand building and consumer awareness campaign in TNI Japan history, with a five-city public relations tour that includes 30 amazing dancers from the Marquesas islands. Tens of thousands of people are being treated to a celebration of Tahitian life and experiencing Tahitian Noni® products.

The press has given our tour unparalleled attention, resulting in more than 20 printed articles and three national television reports. And President Oscar Temaru met with Japanese Prime Minister Koizumi and presented him with beautiful Tahitian gifts and a bottle of TAHITIAN NONI® Juice!

TNI Japan staff and IPCs are running on pure adrenaline and TAHITIAN NONI Juice—Chapter 2 has begun!

Phil Welch
Regional General Manager, TNI Japan

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