Tahitian Noni Blues

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Ia’Orana Partners,

Below are the meetings that are taking place this coming week at TNI UK Offices: Make sure you take advantage

This Monday 14th August - and Every Monday night!, 7 - 8pm

"Seize the Opportunity" Meeting with PAUL BOND, TNI IPC since 2000.
- Take advantage and invite people freely to Come to our TNI Office to learn of the TNI Business and Product Opportunity!

Paul Bond

Wednesday night, Wednesday 16th August, Product Training on the New Te Poema and Moea products

Did you miss the Product training on 15th July when we launched so many fantastic products? Come on Wednesday to learn all about them!
ALSO..... we will have the Conference Call as usual (every Wednesday night), at 9pm

"Seize the Opportunity" Conference Call hosted by PAUL O'DONNELL, Diamond Pearl Elite. Paul is our leading IPC in the UK and is a fountain on TNI knowledge!

Make sure you and your group phone in tonight to hear what Paul has to say on the TAHITIAN NONI INTERNATIONAL Opportunity!

The call will last 15 - 20 minutes and the number to call is (0044) 0870 267 4000. Upon prompting, the access code to enter is 813745.

(The call rate is 3.5 pence per minute from BT landlines; it will vary with other network providers

Also, mark in your diary for next week - TIM BROWNE, Diamond Pearl Elite, from Ireland, will be hosting the "Seize the Opportunity" Meeting on MOnday 21st August and afterwards, from 7.45 - 8.30pm, he will be doing a special "Network Marketing" Training.

- Once you've learned of the opportunity, stay on for this additional session to learn how to go out and do the business!


Thought for the Moment

Noni UK: Welcome, New Tahiti Trim™ Plan 40™ Fibre Blend Juicy Orange
Every time TNI launches or introduces a new Tahitian Noni product into the market is always a time to celebrate. we have cause to celebrate yet again as this Fibre Blend Juicy Orange (Tahiti Trim™ Plan 40™) comes on board.

"Ia'Orana Partners,

You already know and love Tahiti Trim™ Plan 40™ Fibre Blend; now we are delighted to bring you Tahiti Trim™ Plan 40™ Fibre Blend Juicy Orange!

This fantastic supplement contains an extensively-researched balance of 11 soluble and insoluble fibres and has a refreshing citrus taste. Just mix well with water to make a tasty nutritious drink that provides 10 grammes of dietary fibre.

Like the unflavoured Tahiti Trim™ Plan 40™ Fibre Blend, this product can also be used in your favourite recipes to ensure you are getting enough fibre in your diet. How about including Tahiti Trim™ Plan 40™ Fibre Blend Juicy Orange in your muffin or bread mix? YUM!

Did you know that....

- Large amounts of fibre slow glucose absorption
- Insoluble fibre speeds up transit time of digested food
- Fibre assists in weight management by keeping you feeling satisfied
- Fibre adds bulk without adding calories
- Fibre helps maintain normal blood sugar levels
- Fibre helps lower cholesterol levels
- Fibre promotes bowel regularity while helping rid the body of toxins and waste build up

These are just some of the benefits of fibre, all of which mean that Tahiti Trim™ Plan 40™ Fibre Blend Juicy Orange can help in your weight management programme. We suggest you take this product daily, by mixing it well with 8 - 10 oz. of water, as a snack to counteract hunger pangs.

Pricing (inc. VAT, excluding shipping):

Item No. 177294 (1 x 375g)

Wholesale CAS £30
Wholesales NCAS £34
Retail price £39

Item No. 8283 (2 x 375g)

Wholesale CAS £55
Wholesales NCAS £62
Retail price £70


In addition, we have also reformulated our Tahiti Trim™ Plan 40™ Soy Protein Drinks, now available in 3 great flavours - CHOCOLATE, VANILLA & ORANGE CREME.

Did you know that soy protein is one of the best supplements that women over 40 can take?
Low in fat and cholesterol, soy is a superb source of protein. It is also naturally rich in isoflavones which help ease some of the common symptoms associated with menopause.

You can make a tasty and low fat shake by mixing a scoop of any of these proteins with water or skimmed milk.
Why not experiment with fresh fruit? Throw a few strawberries or raspberries in the blender for added flavour.
OR add a shot of TAHITIAN NONI™ Juice for an added boost of antioxidants!

Tahiti Trim™ Plan 40™ Soy Protein Drinks has numerous benefits for your health:

- Contains 20 grammes of soy protein per serving
- Uses Non-GMO soy
- It's low in fat and cholesterol
- Does not contain trans or saturated fats
- Contains 88% of the Recommended Daily Allowance of Calcium, thereby helping to prevent osteoporosis (124% of your RDA if you mix this product with low fat milk!)

Tahiti Trim™ Plan 40™ Soy Protein Drinks also serve as a great snack at any time of the day.

Pricing (inc. VAT, excluding shipping):

Item No. 117199 - Chocolate, 117200 - Orange Creme, 117198 - Vanilla (1 x 645g)

Wholesale CAS £18
Wholesales NCAS £26
Retail price £28


We are waiting to take your call!

Thought for the Moment