Tahitian Noni Blues

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Look Who's Using Tahitian Noni Products!
Chauncey Billups Chauncey Billups
Chauncey is co-captain of the National Basket
-ball Association's Detroit Pistons. He led the
Pistons to the 2004 NBA Finals, where he
averaged 21 points and 5.2 assists per game
and was named Finals MVP.
Nina Killi Nina Killi
Seventeen-year-old Nina Killi is one of the
mostpromising junior tennis players in
Germany. Hergoal is to become one of the
top ten tennis playerson the world ranking
Evi Sachenbacher Evi Sachenbacher
Evi Sachenbacher is the core of Germany’s
Olympic medal-winning cross country ski
team. She recently turned in an incredible
performanceat the 2006 Olympic Winter
Games in Turin, Italy, where she and her
teammates brought home the silver medal
in the relay race.

Inge Solheim Inge Solheim

Inge Solheim has been on five expeditions to the North Pole, has participated in the Great Race in Greenland, flew with jet fighters in Russia, and was featured in the 2005 BBC TV series about the Amundsen-Scott race to the South Pole. If it’s an extreme sport and involves adventure, most likely Solheim has done it.

Holly and Mike Semanoff Holly and Mike Semanoff

To professional body builders Mike and Holly Semanoff, recovery time during training is important--that's why they drink TAHITIAN NONI® Juice. Please note: Holly is my mentor's (Floyd Holdman's) daughter.
Nicole Fessel Nicole Fessel

Nicole Fessel is one of the world’s top cross-country skiers. Her resumé includes winning the German Sprint Championships (2005) and the Junior World Championships (2003).
Josefine Lillhage Josefine Lillhage

Josefine Lillhage was born in the sign of Pisces and there is simply no other sport than swimming that is more natural to her. In 2004, Josefine became one of the best swimmers in the world as she became a finalist in the Olympic games, the gold medal winner of the World and European Championships.
Brooke Niles Brooke Niles

"TAHITIAN NONI® Juice has helped me make great strides on the AVP tour, and it's one of the most important aspects of my training."
Kathy Gregory Kathy Gregory

Being head coach of the University of California, Santa Barbara, women's volleball team-as well as a former professional athlete-I've tried many energy drinks through the years. I find TAHITIAN NONI® Juice to be the most beneficial of them all.
William G. Dance William G. Dance

William “Bill” Dance is America’s best known fisherman. As a professional bass fisherman, Bill is respected around the world for his knowledge, skill, and fishing abilities. He has won 23 National Bass Titles.
Chris Scott Chris Scott

Paralympic and world champion cyclist owns a host of medals, world records, athletic honors, and has brought home medals from three Paralympic Games (Atlanta 1996, Sydney 2000, and Athens 2004).
Rocky Tilson Rocky Tilson

"Drinking TAHITIAN NONI® Juice has been wonderful for me! Just getting up in the morning and not being tight, as I had been before, is amazing."
Ian Adamson Ian Adamson

The rigorous physical and mental demands of adventure racing are extremely punishing on an athlete's body, and Ian drinks TAHITIAN NONI® Juice to aid in maintenance during training and racing.
Bartosz Wolski Bartosz Wolski

In 2004, Bartosz made the U.S. Olympic Kayak Team and competed in the Olympic Games in Athens, Greece.
Samantha Cornish Samantha Cornish

Samantha Cornish is ranked second in the world in women's surfing and is an avid TAHITIAN NONI® Juice drinker.
Dru Adler Dru Adler

"Being six feet seven inches tall, I need vast reserves of power to get through the day as well as win the event. I now use TAHITIAN NONI Juice as my edge over my rivals. More importantly, I feel that it's working."
Tina Ball Tina Ball

New Zealand Olympic Weightlifting Champion Tina Ball has been moving from strength-to-strength thanks to TAHITIAN NONI® Juice.
Simon Kerle Simon Kerle

Simon has played over 270 NBL games with various teams in the league. In 1998 he was the NBL's leading Foul Shooter. Other highlights of Simon's career include scoring 49 points against the Sydney Kings.
Denis Cotterell Denis Cotterell

Denis is Australian Coach of the Year and coaches at the Miami Swimming Club at the Gold Coast in Queensland. Denis is largely responsible for international swimming legends such as Daniel Kowalski, Grant Hackett and Michael Klim.
Ji Wallace Ji Wallace

Ji Wallace is the first Australian gymnast to ever win any medal at an Olympic Games. Ji has been taking TAHITIAN NONI® Juice for several months as part of his daily diet in the lead up to the Olympic Games.

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