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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Creating Jades Business Plan
A Jade is a rare and precious gemstone, particularly to the chinese and Japanese people. But for us in Tahitian Noni, it is the 2nd of the Seven leadership levels in our organization for any IPC who, with his/her team of sponsored IPCs distributes 4,800 QPV or equivqlent of 40 Cases of tahitian Noni Juice monthly.

Because of its unique traditional color (Pale Green), the art world have coined an adjective out of the word. Now for those tired, exhausted, and worn-out fellows, they are regarded as JADED.

The truth however is, many of our Jade leaders are also 'jaded' because they lack the Jade Business Plan to strengthen their teams and grow in leaps and bounds!

This sketch by Wave Team is a pictoral aid to help Jade leaders to grow their teams. If you are a Jade-Paid-As-Title, or aspiring Jade leader, this would be useful for your team's growth.

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