Tahitian Noni Blues

Monday, May 01, 2006

The Miracle Juice From Tahiti

6,000+ Nigerians cannot be lying! That is the growing number of Nigerians who are involved in the distribution and marketing of this wonder juice, picked and processed in the Tahitian Islands in the South Pacific and bottled in Uttah, United states of America.

I got involved with this juice in late August of last year, 2005. Today I have a network of 200 people (Independent Product Consultants- IPCs) and in the three months between late November and March we have had a product turnover of over Two million, six hundred and eighty thouand Naira. =N=2,680,000.00 (over U$D 20,900 Dollars).

My Treaure Noni Team (T.N.T) Nigeria, has made over (=N= 1,280,000.00) in Commissions, Bonuses and retail Profits in that space of time too. I am happy to be an instrument of blessing to such a number of people and I know that this is just the begining.

I must acknowledge the passionate contribution of Mr. Emmanuel Nwachukwu the leader of the over 1,500-strong Honey Fountain Group (H.F.G). He is a forerunner and pace-setter in this Networking business, even right from Ghana.

Isaac Ezechukwu is the Master Importer of Record for this product. My esteemed leaders, begining with Floyd Holdman, Dru Young Briedis, Cynthia and Bill Kenner, Amira Havas and others too numerous to mention. They remain my encouragement and inspiration in this new lifestyle.

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