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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Tahitian Noni International Announces  Details of Fourth Bonus Pool

Ia'Orana esteemed friends!
During its recent Global Leadership Summit in
Park City, Utah,
Noni International announced more details regarding
the company’s fourth bonus pool and clarified its policy on
international compensation

attendees included TNI’s board of directors and the

company’s top 130
Independent Product Consultants from
the globe. The two-day Summit was an amazing
opportunity to
exchange ideas, build vision, and get a
into TNI’s

The feelings coming out of the
Summit were ones
excitement and passion for a future full of explosive
unlimited potential.

Shon Whitney

Vice President,
Marketing Communication
Tahitian Noni International

Fourth Bonus Pool
Kerry Asay, CEO of Morinda, Inc. (parent company of TNI),
and Kelly
Olsen, President of Tahitian Noni International,
introduced TNI’s fourth
bonus pool to the crowd of excited
IPC leaders. The pool consists of a 5% equity position in the
company through a qualified vested stock option
will be able to qualify for options that will vest over time
and will be tied
to the Success Path’s program.

Asay and Olsen awarded the first options to members of
prestigious Club Marquesas. Each qualifier received
shares and an award certificate.

”The future is very exciting for TNI and we want to make
our leaders know that we cut them in, we don’t
cut them
out”, said Kelly Olsen after the meeting.

”This is a partnership”, added Kerry Asay. ”We want those
work hard and help us build this company to have
a piece of it,
to have an ownership position”.

More qualification details will be
announced in September

during TNI’s annual Vision Retreat
in Hawaii.

International Market

TNI’s board of directors also announced a modification
to the way
that certain international markets will
contribute to the global
compensation program.

”In 1996 when the board of directors introduced the marketing
it was based on the U.S. market,” Kelly Olsen explained.
“As we have
expanded internationally, it has become clear that
certain international
markets do not share the same business
environment as the
U.S. In many cases, the costs of doing
business in these countries are
substantially higher”.

In markets where this is the case, TNI will adjust these markets
overall contribution to the global bonus pools and the dynamic

roll up that is paid to upline leaders residing outside
the country. This change is necessary for TNI to continue to
support its international markets.

The following markets will not be affected by this change:
United States *Japan *Taiwan
Germany *Norway *Sweden
*Denmark * Finland *Switzerland

Together, these markets represent over 85% of company volume.

All other markets will be reviewed and adjusted as necessary
beginning in,

More details will be made available in the coming weeks.

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