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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

TNI Advertising and Training for IPCs
Lack of skill can kill, There is no gifted pilot who is not first trained as one. If you must pilot your Tahitian Noni business to excellent levels 'you must be trained before the rains, otherwise you would be beaten by the rain.'

There are now nine new Power-Point Trainings available to the IPCs on NoniOffice.com to help the IPCs with their advertising. These Power Point trainings cover all of the major areas of IPC advertising, both how to advertising correctly and how to get advertising approved by Compliance. They are available to all IPCs (not just NoniOffice Pro users). They are on the “Distributor Advertising” page on the “Recruiting Tools” page under “Advertising Training.” They can also be accessed using the ToolFind feature by entering in ‘Ads’ or ‘Trainings.’

There are more trainings to come (these trainings in Spanish, and trainings about Sponsor Change, Sales of Accounts, etc.); this is just the first batch of trainings intended to assist the IPCs with learning TNI’s polices and in building a successful business.

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