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Saturday, July 08, 2006

Pearl Camp: Noni IPCs Help To Change Lives
The experiences you have during Pearl Camp make it one of the highlights of the Success Path™. And no part of Pearl Camp makes a bigger impression than the Leadership Project.

This year, more than 700 IPCs joined forces to help build disaster cleaning kits to send to families around the world. These kits will go to victims of natural disasters, including those who suffered from the tsunami in Southeast Asia and the hurricanes in Louisiana. The kits contain much needed cleaning and sanitation supplies that will allow families to return to their homes and continue to rebuild their lives.

The response to the Leadership Project was phenomenal. IPCs were on a mission. They rushed into the ballroom of the Grand America hotel eager to help construct the kits. They rapidly stocked kits, which were housed in large five-gallon buckets, and then hauled the kits to trucks waiting outside. When all was said and done, Pearl Camp IPCs built more than 5,000 of these cleaning kits. The overall feeling was one of satisfaction and deep gratitude for the chance to be involved in something so worthwhile and help those who need it most.

Just like a Tahitian Noni business, Pearl Camp provides people with a chance to do something good. Again, if you didn’t qualify for this year’s camp, set your sights on 2007.

Next week we’ll make the Pearl Camp presentations available on NoniOffice.com, so stay tuned!

Shon Whitney
Vice President, Marketing Communications
(Tahitian Noni International)

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