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Sunday, August 06, 2006

20 Reasons to Join Tahitian Noni International
Scott Florence has a loaded reason why we should rejoice for being
part of destiny fulfilment. Don't misunderstand me, that is how I
see the "20 reasons". I am not a joiner, I am already part of
this epochal move of history. If you see it as 20 reasons to board
this destiny train, I see it as 20 reasons why I would stay on
board. So let's go a-jolly-ride:

Dear Tahitian Noni Independent Product Consultants,

I love the sound of that. I love the new and expanding role that you,
our business partners, are playing as together we unfold the power and
opportunity of Chapter 2. I have been known for saying this before, but
I mean it now more than ever: this is absolutely the best possible time
to become involved with Tahitian Noni International. Now, I am not just
going to say it and move on, I am going to give you what I consider to be the
top 20 reasons that back up that statement.

In recent months, TNI has been making some key decisions regarding the
current and future operations of the company. Some of these decisions,
which have been made carefully and with our IPCs and their businesses at
heart, have been perceived as being negative, or as being something
that means
the company is not healthy. These rumors are usually
coming from one
place - our competition.

They continue to rage, to try and come up with anything

that will put down the industry leader. Well, I say let them continue to be
frustrated! TNI is strong, stronger than ever, and is getting even stronger.

Let the reasons below fill your quiver with all the arrows you will

ever need to shoot back at those who would try and play down the best MLM
company ever!

Now, when I began this message, I mentioned that this is the best time
ever to be involved in telling people about this business and this company,
and that I would back this up with a list of the top 20 reasons why. I
challenge anyone, anywhere ”I am throwing down the gauntlet right now”
to show
me a company that has done, does, and will do more for its
representatives! Show me a company that has grown
faster from its
beginning, a company that has invented and had as much
success in growing a
completely new industry, because I know it can't
be done.

Take this list of 20
advantages of working with TNI and stack them up
against any other
company. You will see what I mean.

1. A solid compensation plan with Dynamic Compression
every bit
of our stated 53% commission gets paid every month. If any other
company does this, they copied TNI.
2. Bonus Pools TNI pays 8% of the monthly commissions based
global CV (commisionable volume)—unheard of! If any other company
does this, they copied TNI.
3. Toll-free customer service for recruiting and product orders,
with multiple language support.
4. Tahitian Noni Lifestyle Centers opening all over the world. Each
location includes a Tahitian Noni Cafe, a Tahitian Noni store,

and a TNI training facility. If any other MLM company does this,
they copied
5. Success Path company-funded training, incentive,
recognition and rewards program that guides new IPCs through
every step of being
successful with TNI.
6. Unique, hard-to-copy, original, industry-leading nutritional
supplement that gets powerful results at about $2 per
(assuming 2 oz. per day consumed). Price any other
synthetic or natural
supplement and try and beat that, especially
when you compare their results to
those of TAHITIAN NONI(r) Juice.
7. Impossible-to-duplicate story (although cheap, obvious knockoffs
have tried), rooted in the most exotic corner of the world, Tahiti.
Some have come out with similar stories, but they have definitely
8. A company recognized as having created an entire economy in a
nation desperately in need of jobs and commerce, thus
worldwide recognition at the United Nations. No company will
ever be able to
copy that!
9. Flagship products positioned in the most powerful, lucrative
vertical markets in today's economy: nutrition, weight loss, skin
care and beauty, and companion animal nutrition.
10. Still one of the fastest growing companies in the network
marketing industry, and one of the fastest growing of all over the
last 20 to 30 years.
11. Thousands of people sent to Tahiti in just 10 years, with
hundreds more going every year.
12. Created more millionaires faster than any other company in the
history of MLM.
13. After almost 10 years in business, the same five founders united
in the same cause, unified in purpose and working together with no
conflict or negativity at the top. Still focused on their promise to
"cut you
in and not cut you out" and making strong, courageous
leadership decisions
to make that happen.
14. Company continuing to grow more rapidly in its original market
than any other country in the world. The U.S. is still growing at a
phenomenal rate.
15. Huge public relations and brand building campaigns placing
Tahitian Noni(r) products squarely, positively in the public eye on
T.V., radio, the internet, and print, thus strengthening IPC recruiting
and retailing power.
16. A long list of impressive spokespeople for Tahitian Noni
products from the sports, nutrition, medical, science and other

17. Powerful new ShopTNI concept, a company-supported program that
positions IPCs to create an exciting home-based retail business and
adding a new Rewards member position to the compensation plan.
This concept
gives IPCs a better shot at being successful among
the 87% of people that
are MLM-averse. No company has a focused
program that even begins to
approach the strength of our plan.
18. New Power Products that give qualified IPCs the option to buy a
certain number of products and get one free, thus doubling retail
19. Programs and tools designed to grow volume and the Tahitian Noni
brand, including major motion pictures about TNI, our IPCs, our
products, and our story.
20. Lead Share program that is completely free to IPCs. TNI pours
resources into generating leads and then gives them to IPCs for
free, including all future volume associated with those leads. Most other
companies in the industry charge for leads.

My esteemed business associates, these points are not hype. These are
facts. I defy anyone to refute even one. The truth is the truth

The TNI opportunity is indeed *The One Good Thing* you can do for
your health, for your wealth, for your life, and for all those around you.
Now let's go back to work and make all of our wildest dreams come true!!!

My new
motto is this: "If you can't find a reason now to make Tahitian Noni
International your company of choice, then you NEVER will."

Scott C. Florence
Regional General Manager,
North America/Australia/NZ
Tahitian Noni International

Wow, what an articulation of truth that we have eaten, drank,
and lived in, these past few years! thanks Scott for this elucidation!

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