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Monday, June 05, 2006

Noni Las Vegas: John Wadsworth Speaks to IPCs
Do you know that the
International would have her next Global Leadership Conference in Las Vegas?

So, get ready and begin to warm up for 2007 spring conference of TNI. In this post, Scott Florence, the Tahitian Noni International's General Manager for North America, New Zeland and Australia, brings our way, a snippet of the visionary Founder, John Wadsworth From Las Vegas; You can key-into his thoughts and vision:

TNI founder John Wadsworth spoke to a packed crowd in Las Vegas Friday night, June 2. John is serving as the president of a mission for his church in the Las Vegas area, but he stays well informed on day-to-day TNI activities. "Just today I have spoken with Kerry Asay twice and have had eight or nine other phone calls with our TNI team," John told IPCs. "Of course, I also get a large quantity of email and I answer all of that everyday. So I am still actively involved in the daily communication and information of TNI."

This was the first time John had spoken live to IPCs in more than 11 months. There was great anticipation from the hundreds in attendance to see and hear the individual that started the whole noni revolution, and they weren't disappointed! John told his powerful personal story of how he first learned about the noni fruit and he recounted the many trials he went through bringing the fruit to market.

"A strong impression came to me that this fruit had been preserved and now was the time for it to come forth to the world," he said. "I knew then that noni would bless the lives of millions and millions of people around the globe, and it would bless the lives of the people of Tahiti."

"This was definitely worth driving all the way from Phoenix for," said IPC John Akram. IPCs traveled from California, Arizona, Utah, and Montana just to hear John Wadsworth speak.

"This is the kind of event that inspires all people from our most experienced leaders to the hundred or so brand new prospects that were in attendance," said Mountain West sales manager Brett Barrett. "We are so grateful to John Wadsworth and the other four founders for their vision of TNI."

Activity and excitement are ramping up around the country, and this weekend's Chapter 2 launch in Atlanta will be the spark that ignites the U.S. for the second half of 2006! We'll see you there."

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