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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

New Noni IPC Starter Kit Coming August 14!
Thank you Shon, for sending us this timely info, we appreciate you and your dinamic work.


Get ready for a brand new IPC starter kit! Beginning August 14, each new Independent Product Consultant that joins your group will receive this brand new, updated kit. It’s now called the Success Path™ Starter Kit, because it’s designed to get you and your IPCs on the path to success!

The new kit includes:

  • Welcome letter from Regional General Manager
  • 5 Tahitian Noni™ Rewards brochures
  • 5 IPC applications
  • Policy manual and CD
  • Fast Start Camp workbook
  • DVD with clips from Origins & Destiny, Find Your Place, From Tree to Bottle, and A Passion and a Promise
  • Tahiti Tradewinds magazine
  • Noni Office flyer
  • 30 TAHITIAN NONI® Juice interest cards
  • Magnet with key TNI contact info (customer service phone number and website address)

We’re also improving the online signup process, which will make it easier and more convenient than ever for new IPCs to join your organization.

With a new kit comes a new signup fee. However, the signup fee does not change if your new IPCs enroll over the web or at a Tahitian Noni Lifestyle Center! Beginning August 14, the cost of enrolling over the phone or via mail or fax will be $40 per IPC. But when signing up online or in a Lifestyle Center, the cost remains just $35.

The new Success Path Starter Kit will help your IPCs better understand their new business and what they need to do to be successful. Of course, the key to their success will always be the support and training you provide them, but TNI is doing all it can to help ensure their—and your—success.

Shon Whitney
Vice President,
Marketing Communications
Tahitian Noni International

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