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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Tahitian Noni Global Update June/July 2006
We are priviledged once again, to bring you a fresh update from President
Kelly Olsen of the Tahitian Noni International Inc. These regular, monthly
updates are the pointers and trends happening in the Noni world. They also
reflects the thoughts of leadership and the direction of sail of the Tahitian
Noni "Ship" in the current season. So, always keep abreast of the Tahitian Noni
updates from the stable of "Presi".
Let's Noni

Ia'Orana Everyone!

Never in the history of direct sales or network marketing has a company
so completely revolutionized the industry like Tahitian Noni International. In
1996 we introduced a company unlike any other ever to be born. We did
not copy another company. We did not build on the back of another company.
We did not attack or target any other companies or distributor groups.

We studied all the other companies who were among the "who's who" of
networking and specifically decided to create our own path, our own success.
Our reasoning was simple ”we didn't want to confuse our success with

the success of any other company. We wanted to be truly unique, truly revolutionary".

First, we entered the market with a product that had never been
envisioned before, from a fruit that ”although it had a story and legend going
back 6,000 years and more” had been kept secret from most of the world. We
created a brand new industry: Noni. And we pioneered a brand new product
category: Exotic, healthy juice beverages.

The story was totally unique and completely enthralling. Everyone who
heard our story was caught up in it. It was story of discovery, sacrifice and
ultimately success.

We created a revolutionary compensation plan that was at the heart of
our business opportunity. I remember my words on our very first audio tape
as John, Stephen, Kerry and I told our story: "Networkers will flock to
Morinda (Tahitian Noni International). Our new company will be like water to
dry ground." Our passion was to create a home for everyone who ever believed in
the opportunity of network marketing, but for some reason had been beaten up
again and again. "A home for beat up networkers" was exactly what we
had in mind.

The TNI Compensation Plan
Our Compensation Plan was created around some revolutionary concepts as
we envisioned a layered approach to income and wealth building:

First: *Fast Start Bonus* that was designed to get money into the
pockets of sponsoring IPCs very quickly. The payout was compressed to three
generations (later changed to five) for that Fast Start period and the Fast Start
Bonus was paid *weekly*! Best of all, qualification to benefit for the entire
Fast Start Bonus structure was just one case of TAHITIAN NONI(r) Juice each

Second: Unilevel commissions paid to eight fully compressed levels. We
were the first company in history to allow distributors the option of
"placement", which lets sponsoring business builders build their
organization according to a strategy and design that maximizes their

Dynamic Compression was installed as a permanent part of our plan in
1997 to guarantee that every position would be paid the maximum possible for
position and nothing would roll up to the company. This concept
revolutionized the industry and immediately set our company apart from
every other. Imagine how simple, yet revolutionary, the idea was of paying
out 100% of what is earned without any breakage going to the company.

Third: Global Bonus Pools. The first true wealth building program in
our industry. Our Global Bonus Pools allowed every IPC the opportunity to
earn a piece of every dollar of volume worldwide. The concept was that every
IPC was contributing to your income, not just in your own organization ,
but in every organization in the entire company.

Fourth: Access Marketing Bonus. In 2003, the Board of Directors
announced our intention of putting in place a new bonus pool consisting of
contributions made from complimentary ventures begun by Morinda and TNI
designed to build and support the overall company. Tahitian Noni
Caf¢ is an example of one of these ventures. As these ventures mature, pay back
their capital investment and meet certain profit standards, they will begin
to contribute some percentage of their financial results to a pool that
will be available to our IPCs. This bonus pool has not yet been named or
defined as the ventures are still in their infancy.

Our vision led to a business strategy of brand building. You see, we
knew that even though no one had ever heard of noni when we first started,
soon everyone, everywhere would know of noni and more importantly TAHITIAN
NONI Juice. We began to methodically build our brand name, strategically
position ourselves as a leader, an innovator. . .as the company of the future.

We put in place a system of incentives and rewards that captured the hearts
of our IPC leaders. Thousands who have gone to Tahiti and more
thousands have gone to other exotic places like Hawaii and Monaco. Our
International Leadership Conferences have become legendary. We have had
comments from
our competitors and industry consultants that tell us that the
standard we
set for our events is something that no other company can follow.

We have built an infrastructure of harvesting, processing, manufacturing and
research facilities that will ensure that no other company will ever
take our product
leadership position from us. We have also built an
infrastructure of sales offices,
Tahitian Noni Lifestyle Centers,
Noni Cafes and Tahitian Noni Product Centers that bring our company
and our brand name closer and closer to networkers and consumers in all major

We have created the finest training, recognition and incentive system in our
industry. We call it Success Pathâ„¢, and it encompasses every IPC from
the newest enrollee to the most seasoned leader. This step-by-step program
allows every to "find their place" within Tahitian Noni International.

During the past 10 years we have logged millions of miles of air and ground
travel across every populated continent. We have met and told our story
to millions of people in dozens and dozens of languages. Once we began in
July of 1996, we did not stop, and have not yet stopped. We have been driven
by the passion to become the most successful network marketing company of
all time; to become the first network marketing company who owns one of the
world's most valuable brand names.

*The Score Card for Our First 10 Years*
Morinda and now Tahitian Noni International has created more
millionaires in a shorter amount of time than any other direct sales or network
marketing company in history.

Tahitian Noni International has risen to be among the top 10 network
marketing companies in net sales, and by the way, we are the youngest
of the top 10.

Tahitian Noni International was shown to outperform 4,997 of the first
5,000 growth companies to be honored by INC. magazine in their INC 500 list.
Only three companies had more impressive true sales growth statistics than
TNI in their first five years.

Tahitian Noni International has garnered honors from governments,
business groups, civic groups and more. TNI has been honored as the best company
to work for in the state of Utah, and is consistently among the top growth
companies locally, nationally and internationally. In 2004, TNI was
honored with an award from the United Nations-sponsored International Council
of Caring Communities for our work in Tahiti. I can't think of any company
in our industry that has received an honor like this. Likewise, we have
received honor after honor from the people and government of French
Polynesia and Tahiti Nui.

Tahitian Noni International is the largest network marketing company to be
launch in the past 15 years.

Tahitian Noni International's total accumulated sales have surpassed
$3.5billion USD since our humble beginning in July 1996.

Tahitian Noni International's compensation plan has created the most
lucrative opportunity in networking history. In our first 10 years, we
havepaid out over $1,650,000,000.00 USD in cash to IPCs throughout the
world. *No other company has ever paid out this much, this soon. We believe this
record will never be surpassed in our industry.*

The Tahitian Noni(r) brand has grown to amazing prominence in just 10
years. Normally the process of brand building takes decades, but through our
aggressive and unconventional approach, we have been covered in
prestigious media outlets in dozens of countries and the momentum is on the
upswing. We are breaking through the MLM stigma and establishing ourselves as a
company for everyone.

We are strong and we are visionary. We are confident and we are hungry. It
amazes me to see companies crop up that so blatantly copy us. I wonder
about the founders of those companies. Don't they have an original idea? Do
they really think that trying to copy another company is a viable strategy?
I'd hate to be part of a company whose best offer to their distributors is a
copy of TNI. I've said this over and over during the past 10 years:
"I'd hate to compete with Tahitian Noni International." We are relentless,
we are so strong and our future is unfolding before us in the most amazing

Take a minute to ponder the past 10 years with me. Let our accomplishments, track
record and awards run through your mind. Imagine those who have
financially independent, imagine those who have gone places and experienced
things that would never have been possible were it not for TNI. Think of who
we are and what our place is in history. Then, as you are in this state
of pondering, let your mind go into the future one, two, five years. .
even ten.

Imagine the Tahitian Noni brand becoming a household name.

Imagine people everywhere seeking our products, seeking our opportunity.
Imagine thousands and thousands more beat up networkers and tens of thousands
of others who never have ever contemplated network marketing coming to us,
attracted by what they see ”cool, dynamic, revolutionary, history
making. You
see, as we begin our second decade ”our Chapter 2” we know that our
past 10 years have built the foundation for what is coming. The most exciting
of Tahitia n Noni International is our future.

*Announcing the New Vested Stock Option Pool*
Now, as your mind is fully engaged in this vision of our future, it is
time for me to make another historic announcement. In order to make it
possible for our leaders to benefit in yet another way from the anticipated growth
that's coming, the Board of Directors of Morinda and Tahitian Noni
International has decided to create a new opportunity for our leaders to
benefit from the growth of TNI and Morinda.

The Board of Directors has set aside 5% of the equity value of the
company to create an opportunity for leaders to earn stock options. This is
truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and a very time-sensitive and urgent
announcement. Those of you who are familiar with equity investments can
appreciate the value of proper timing in investing. In networking we often
talk of the value of a "ground floor opportunity". Well, that is
exactly what is being offered to you here ”the opportunity to earn an equity
position in Morinda/TNI that has the potential of becoming very substantial in a
relatively short time frame. Earning stock options gives you the right
to a certain number of shares at a certain price. The opportunity is that as
the shares gain in value, you get the entire appreciation from those

This plan is the perfect retirement plan. It's the perfect nest egg,
the perfect way to financial security, the perfect way to benefit from the
success of the entire company.

So how do you earn shares? Due to the nature of this program, these
options are available only to Black Pearls and above. Time is of the essence
because this pool and offer will terminate at the end of the quarter preceding
the IPO date (the date when the company stock is officially traded on the
open market). I believe every serious builder can put their effort into
their business and qualify for this program within the time allotted, but
there isn't a moment to lose. Here is the qualification schedule:

Vested Stock Option Pool Qualifications and Vesting Requirements
*Qualification Time Frame: Beginning July 2006 and ending at TNI's IPO

1. *Black Pearl*
1. Qualification:
i. 200 shares for each quarter qualified with 3 personally
sponsored Diamond Pearls
ii. 300 shares for each quarter qualified with 4 personally
sponsored Diamond Pearls
iii. 400 shares for each quarter qualified with 5 personally
sponsored Diamond Pearls
iv. 500 shares for each quarter qualified with 6 personally
sponsored Diamond Pearls
v. 800 shares for each quarter qualified with 7 personally
sponsored Diamond Pearls

2. Vesting Maintenance*: Must be at least a Personal Paid-As
Diamond Pearl. If a qualifier falls below Personal Paid-As
Diamond Pearl
status, he/she will lose all vesting.
3. Cap: A qualifier may earn up to a total of 5,000 options for
this level.

1. *Club Marquises*: 5,000 shares awarded for first four quarters
7 personally sponsored Diamond Pearls. 5,000 more shares awarded for
additional qualifying quarter.
1. Vesting Maintenance*: Must maintain at least 5 personally
sponsored Diamond Pearls from the time of first qualification.
2. Cap: A total of 15,000 options may be earned at this level.

1. *Global Executive*: 30,000 shares awarded upon qualifying for
Global Executive with 7 personally sponsored Black Pearls.
1. Vesting Maintenance*: Must maintain at least 5 personally
sponsored Black Pearls from the time of first qualification.
2. Cap: A total of 30,000 additional options can be earned at
this level.

*Note: An IPC can qualify for up to a total maximum of 50,000 shares
through all three levels of qualification.*

**Vesting Maintenance “ The IPC must also maintain this status
through the end of the quarter preceding the actual grant date.*

***The initial grant will occur on October 31, 2006 (based on July-September
2006 qualification). Subsequent qualification will be announced every
quarter, with actual grants taking place on July 31 and January 31 of
each year based on a fair market value exercise price determined for the
actual grant date.*

This Vested Stock Option Pool is now officially part of our
compensation plan until the termination date. We anticipate that the number of Black
Pearls and above will triple or more within this time frame. It is
very important to note that if the number of qualifiers is greater than we
estimated, the Board will refresh the pool with additional stock to
satisfy every qualifier.

I have had the honor and privilege of writing over 150 of these updates
over the past 10 years. In the beginning I sent them out weekly, by fax and
later by email. I hope these words help to solidify your vision and help you
gain a true perspective of our fantastic company's place in history.

From my partners, Kerry Asay, John Wadsworth, Stephen Story, Kim Asay
and myself, we truly wish you well. We love you and pray for your success
and happiness.

Best Wishes,

Kelly Olsen
President, Tahitian Noni International

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