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Monday, July 17, 2006

What Every Doctor Should Know
-By Dr. Mona Harrison, M.D.

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"I have a real variety of patients who have benefited from TAHITIAN NONIĀ® Juice...
there is a very scientific explanation for how something so simple,
just a juice, can have such widespread effects." Dr. Mona Harrison, M.D.

Listen in as Dr. Harrison explains how the human body is electrical in function, and how the frequency of the cells and organs inside our body can ward off or invite disease. She skillfully demonstrates how drinking TAHITIAN NONI Juice can give cells and organs the electrical "jump start" they need in order to keep the body running correctly.

Dr. Mona Harrison was initially very skeptical of noni, but through research and personal observation became passionate in documenting how and why TAHITIAN NONI Juice works from a cellular level on the glands, explaining how noni affects so many bodily systems: immune, circulatory, digestive, metabolic, skin, hair & eyes.

Significant Positions: * Assistant Dean-Boston University School of Medicine* Director-Adolescent Medicine, Boston City Hospital* Chief Medical Officer-D.C. General Hospital-Directed Trauma Center Emergency Services, Outpatient Services and Employee Health* Medical Director-Rehab Inc., a multifaceted physical rehabilitation agency.

Education: * MD University of Maryland School of Medicine* Residency, Family Medicine, University of Maryland Hospital* Residency, Pediatrics, Boston City Hospital, Boston University* In-Service Fellowship: Adolescent Medicines Boston Children's Hospital, Harvard University* Neonatology Research Fellowship: Boston University Hospital, Boston University.

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