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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Australian Dominant Champion Joins Tahitian Noni
Australian Surf Life Saving and Paddle Board Champion, Bruce Taylor is now one of the thrilling Spokespersons for our darling TNI. He brought with him the thrill and excitements of his string of victories to showcase our wonder Team- TEAM TNI. What a happy and healthy team, wow!

In an era when so many famous world-class athletes have crashed into ignominy due to drug-enhancing steroids, Taylor's Noni testimony cannot but be a compelling fresh breath and break from the vicious cycle of drug-addiction in the sports industry.

Hear him: “I have tried countless natural supplements in order to improve and enhance my performance, but I continually found that there were no long-term positive effects and I didn't feel any better from taking them.

“TAHITIAN NONI® Juice on the other hand has become an integral part of my regime as a result of its ability to boost my immune system, aid in my recovery after heavy training sessions and events, and improve my energy and performance levels through better general well being. I am also impressed with the fact that TAHITIAN NONI® Juice is one hundred percent natural.”

What more? He brought along with him into our winning camp, not just his innumerable medals of accomplishments, but most importantly, his "Midas Touch" to showcase Tahitian Noni Juice to the surfing and sporting world. See with your own eyes, his natural performance results at a glance:

• 2006 Kellogg’s NutriGrain Ironman Series Competitor
• 2006 World Interclub Lifesaving Team Member
• Winner of the Hawaii Hennessey’s International Craft Championship
• Winner of the Quiksilver Edition Molokai to Oahu Marathon Paddle (Hawaii)
• New Zealand Kellogg’s NutriGrain Ironman Series Competitor
• Four-time Queensland State Titles Winner
• Six-time Queensland XXXX Premiership Series Winner and the most prolific winner for the series since inception
• Three-time Duke Kahanamoku Annual Paddle Board Race Winner, Freshwater, Sydney


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