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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

The 5 Core Strategies of MLM Leadership
It's elightenment time, Ander Barillas brought us this strategies for success in network marketing. Enjoy:


This week I want to continue taking points from the book “The Wave 4 Way to building your downline” by Richard Poe.

1. Strategy Number 1 – Build a Team
.In building a team, you must keep searching until find your builders.
.Once you have them in place, they will attract other of the same type.
.And your downline will begin to grow quickly.

2. Strategy Number 2 – Train your People
.At some point in any network marketing business, you will wake up
one morning and say to yourself, “Who am I going to talk to today?” You have run out of prospects.
.Many people quit the business at this point, not because they are lazy or fainthearted, but simply because they do not know what to do next.
.Your job as a leader is to intervene at this point and provide prospecting alternatives.

3. Strategy Number 3 – Lead by Persuasion
· As a leader, you will always have more drive and ambition than most people in your downline.
· Often you will be temped to pressure and browbeat your people, even to lose your temper with them. But such methods will never get the results you want.
· Persuasion is more effective than force.
· With calmness and deliberation, you can apply the principles of persuasive leadership to gain the cooperation of even the most stubborn of your distributors.

4. Strategy Number 4 – Be Flexible
· Keep your goals loose, and don’t be afraid to change them when the situation warrants it.

5. Strategy Number 5 – Partner Up
· As your organization grows, people in your downline will lean on you more and more.
· Everyone’s problems will become your problems.
· Most of the calls will not be about real problems.
· They will be from people who need emotional encouragement to get through the day.
· One way to lessen these emotional demands is to recruit couples and encourage them to work as a team, so they will support each other.
· Unmarried people, or people with unsupportive spouses can be encouraged to partner up with “running mates”

Ander Barillas
Assistant Sales Manager – Business Development
Tahitian Noni International

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