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Saturday, August 05, 2006

Tahitian Noni Times: See The Fun & The Joy!
(August Edition Out)
We are priviledged once again to have the latest edition of the Tahitian Noni Times, the world wide online Journal of the Tahitian Noni kingdom released to our bossom. We are serving you direct as it landed. Please enjoy this superlative edition!

"Nothing splendid has ever been achieved except by those who dared
believe that something inside them was superior to circumstance."

-Bruce Barton

August 2006

• Amazing Pearl Camp Energizes IPCs
• Fourth Global Bonus Pool
• Register for Jade Camp
• New TePoemä® and Moéa® Intro Packs
• TAHITIAN NONI® Products in the News
• Product Spotlight: Hoa®
• Upcoming Events and Conference Calls

Executive Message

Right now two TNI executives have issued important messages.
President Kelly Olsen has spoken regarding compliance procedures,
and Regional General Manager Scott Florence has spoken on what sets
the Tahitian Noni opportunity apart.

Excerpts are reprinted below to give you an overview, but please
read these messages in their entirety in the TNI News and Events
section of NoniOffice.com.

Kelly Olsen
Tahitian Noni International has established a standard practice to
respond to complaints:

1. Complaints must be made in writing.
2. Complaints must be accompanied by good evidence of the wrongdoing.
3. TNI does not accept the responsibility for gathering evidence.
4. Once the complaint is submitted, TNI will take the proper action.

Your assistance in understanding the above and teaching this to
your organization will help us do our job better.

Got to NoniOffice.com for full descriptions of the points above. Be
sure everyone in your organization is aware of and familiar with
these procedures.

Scott Florence
I have been known for saying this before, but I mean it now more
than ever: this is absolutely the best possible time to become
involved with TNI. I am going to give you what I consider to be the
top 20 reasons that back that statement up, including:

• Bonus pools paying 8% of the monthly commissions
• Tahitian Noni Lifestyle Centers opening all over the world
• Success Path™—company-funded training, incentives, and recognition
• Thousands of people sent to Tahiti, with hundreds more going
every year
• More millionaires created in a shorter time than any other company

Check NoniOffice.com for the complete list of facts about TNI, and
find out why now is most definitely the best time to tell this story!

Amazing Pearl Camp Energizes IPCs
The second annual Pearl Camp was just as fantastic as the first.
And when you consider the fact that it also marked the 10th
birthday of Tahitian Noni International, it may have even been a
little better!

Attendees were given posh accommodations at the Grand America Hotel
in Salt Lake City and enjoyed an amazing event where they reunited
with old friends and mingled with founders, got firsthand info on
the new campaign strategy, and were introduced to the new two-ounce

This year’s Pearl Camp humanitarian project allowed IPCs to help
build over 5,000 disaster cleaning kits to send to families who
have suffered from the tsunami in Southeast Asia, the hurricane in
Louisiana, and other recent disasters. This event was phenomenal!
Check NoniOffice.com today for the full story.

Everyone who attended Pearl Camp left energized and ready to make
the summer of 2006 explode with activity. If you didn’t make to
this year’s event, make sure you talk to someone who did. And make
sure you qualify to attend next year!

Vested Stock Option Pool
Announcing a new way for leaders to benefit from the anticipated
growth that’s coming. It’s called the Vested Stock Option Pool,
allowing qualified IPCs to earn stock options from a pool of 5% of
the equity value of the company.

This is truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and a very time-
sensitive and urgent announcement. The Vested Stock Option pool
will be awarded to qualified IPCs. Qualification begins July 2006
and ends at TNI’s IPO date. If the estimated number of qualifiers
is exceeded during this timeframe, the founders of TNI will refresh
the pool with additional shares. A vesting period will require that
all qualifiers maintain qualification in order to exercise their
options at the appropriate time.

Club Marquesas qualifiers have already received 15,000 shares each.
Additional details on this fabulous new bonus pool and how you can
earn your share of it are available at TahitianNoni.com.

New TePoemä® and Moéa® Intro Packs
Introduce your newest team members to the products you’ve already
come to love with TNI’s new TePoemä® and Moéa® Introductory Packs!
These packs are available only to new IPCs on Case AutoShip, who
can purchase up to five discounted packs during their first 60 days
in the business.

Not only do these introductory packs improve a new IPC’s life right
away, but they give a new IPC immediate business-building options.
As a sponsor, you’ll benefit from bigger first orders and more
loyal product users in your organization.

Here’s what the packs include.

TePoemä Intro Pack
• Daily Regimen Pack (4 products)
- Cleanser
- Equalizing Toner
- Moisturizer
- Environmental Shield
• Skin Renovation Cream
• Youth Restore Serum
• Restorative Eye Essence
• Skin Revealing Exfoliator
• Skin Lightening Emulsion
• Pore Refining Mud Mask
• Blemish Recovery Gel

Moéa Intro Pack
• Spa Pack
- Body Soufflé
- Body Butter
- Sugar Scrub
• Element Cleansing Bars
• Shampoo (your choice)
• Conditioner (your choice)
• 2 Creamy Body Washes

These packs can change your business. Get your new recruits going
on an intro pack today!

Intro Packs Sponsor Promo
Ready to have some fun with the new TePoemä® and Moéa® Intro Packs?
Here we go! September 1 through October 31, sponsor five to 15 new
IPCs who each purchase Intro Packs, and win great prizes!

Sponsor 5: Win a paraffin wax and pedicure kit valued at $300!

Sponsor 10: Win a Tahitian Beauty essentials gift basket, including
the brand-new TePoemä® products carrying case and product display
set-up (valued at $500)!

Sponsor 15: Win two passes to a day spa for you and your top
producing leader, plus the brand new TePoemä® products carrying
case (valued at $700)!

Gear up now for a fabulous fall promotion!

See You at Jade Camp!
Jade Camp is a critical milestone on the Success Path, and the next
one is coming to Washington D.C. October 13-15, 2006. Plan now to

Come and learn how to build and maintain a successful Tahitian Noni
business. You’ll also have a chance to network with other IPCs from
all over the country.

Registration opens on Wednesday, August 9. It’s only $75 per
account, and TNI pays for your stay at the beautiful Grand Hyatt
Washington Hotel.

Don’t wait—registration closes September 8! Call TNI Customer
Service at 1-800-445-2969 today!

Tahitian Noni® Products in the News
The Record, a northern New Jersey publication with nearly 200,000
readers, wrote about the antioxidant-rich benefits of TAHITIAN
NONI® Juice in its June 14 issue. The article, entitled “Mixology”,
appeared on the front page of the Food section. It also included
two great TAHITIAN NONI Juice recipes for summer!

In addition, Health Supplement Retailer, a nutrition industry trade
magazine, included TAHITIAN NONI Juice in a recent article about
the power of antioxidants. The article references several studies
that have been done on the health benefits of the noni fruit.
Be sure you read these articles at TahitianNoni.com.

Tahitian Noni International Reaffirms Non-Animal Testing Policy
Because it has been the subject of much media attention lately, we
want to clarify our animal-testing policy and reaffirm our
commitment to the humane treatment of animals.

TNI is firmly committed to not permitting animal testing unless
there is no realistic alternative. We comply with all laws and
federal regulations respecting the humane and ethical treatment of
animals, and conduct necessary research only under contract with
academic institutions and professional organizations committed to
providing test animals with good care and humane treatment.

You can read the complete official statement at NoniOffice.com.

Product Spotlight: Hoa®
You have access to the latest supplement technology: the
proprietary SmartCaps™ Delivery System available in every capsule
of Tahitian Noni® Hoa® Complete. Hoa I and II Complete Supplements
contain amino acid chelates, antioxidants, enzymes to aid
digestion, and whole food extracts. Here’s what Hoa does for you:

• Releases at the right time in the right place for optimal
• Protects the contents from reacting to other nutrients, foods, or
gastric acids
• Won't pass through the stomach without being dissolved

Plus you get more than 80 vitamins, minerals, and plant-based
ingredients. Order your Hoa today!

Canada Family Day: 10th Anniversary Birthday Bash BBQ
Hundreds of Canadian consultants celebrated TNI’s10th Anniversary
at the Toronto Sales Office Birthday Bash BBQ July 21. The thrills
of the evening included special promotions in the Store, a “Sports
Kick” bouncer for kids, balloonery, great food, music, and Tahitian
dancing. IPCs walked away with free gifts, draw prizes, 10th
Anniversary mini footballs, and photos with the Tahitian dancers.

The highlight of the evening came when a giant six-foot cake was
brought out to the beat of Tahitian drums. After the crowd sang
“Happy Birthday,” National Sales Manager Peter Gothe blew out the
over-sized candles.

Australia Product Conference Coming Soon
August 18 and 19 are going to be amazing at Australia’s Product
Conference! This event will give you access to new products from
the Moéa®, TePoemä®, and Skin Supplément™ lines two weeks before
the rest of Australia gets them. You’ll also receive corporate
office training on the new products—why they work and how to sell

Special featured guests include Paralympic gold medalist Chris
Scott, Winter Olympian Emily Rosemond, and Double Diamond Pearls
Merlin and Bonnie Weekes. And don’t forget, you could win a prize.
We’re giving away two airfares to the Las Vegas International
Leadership Conference 2007 (Grand Prize), a Vmoto Milan scooter
worth over $2,000 (second prize), and a laptop (third prize). Other
prizes include mini DVD players, iPods, and TNI promotional products.

So get there, and get your group there, live it up, and have fun!
Call Sales Support today at 1300-659-515 (0800-166-746 for New
Zealand). See you there!

August conference calls
Tuesday nights belong to your Tahitian Noni business! Get product
training, campaign information, news, and business-building advice
from TNI’s top IPCs leaders.

Listen live at 7 p.m. Mountain Time or hear it 24 hours a day until
the following Tuesday’s broadcast. Dial 1-888-864-5842. You can
also download an audio file of the conference call from your Noni

Here’s what’s coming your way:

August 1
Getting the Most from Noni Office Pro
You have a powerful tool in Noni Office Professional! Learn to make
the most of it as TNI Corporate Ambassador Brett Barrett invites
IPC Cindy Frame to discuss the features and benefits of this
incredible resource.

August 8
Lifestyle Center Update
Tahitian Noni Lifestyle Centers are helping IPCs everywhere build
stronger, more recognizable businesses. Join Desert South Region
Sales Manager Jonathan Hallstrom for the latest strides TNI is
making with Lifestyle Centers all over.

August 15
The Power in Power Products
You’ve heard the buzz, but what does the Power Products concept
mean to you? Pacific Region Manager Violeta Ramirez will tell you
all you need to know about using Power Products to put some power
in your earning potential.

August 22
Tapping into Product Campaigns
Build your business in a fantastic way. Learn all about TNI
campaigns from Senior Manager Product Sales Mario Brown. You won’t
want to miss this!

August 29
Tahitian Noni International Certification Program
Thousands of IPCs worldwide have certified with the Companion
Animal and Tahiti Trim® Plan 40® lines, and they’re seeing
incredible changes in their businesses! Find out what it’s all
about from Animal Essentials™
National Sales Manager Shana Harris
and IPC Kurt Crawford.

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