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Friday, August 04, 2006

Happy Birthday, Noni Friends
In the next two weeks, some of my esteemed Noni friends on the Tahitian Noni Juice Board TNJ on Ryze would be celebrating their birthdays.

Juno Degener (8th August), Mike Moran (16th August), and Sekotan (9th August) would be a year older.

Mike has been exceptionally helpful in guiding and communicating with my Noni contacs in the heart of London. Sekotan is my Noni sister, a proud native American with a hand of a genius. Artist and web designer, she hopes to soon graduate from being a Noni drinker to a Consultant soon.

Lest I forget, Kim Bloomer (15th August), My Ezinearticles friend would be completing another lifecycle too. Happy birthday to you too.

Noni, Noni

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  • Hi Aderemi,
    Thank you for the birthday wishes, that is so nice!!

    I hope you're doing well :-) I'm writing the dog topic for Suite101.com now and the book I co-authored with Dr. Jill Elliot, released June 1 -Whole Health for Happy Dogs. I haven't been writing much Christian articles lately but God is in every word I write no matter the subject!

    Be blessed my brother

    By Anonymous Kim Bloomer, at 10:30 AM  

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