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Friday, August 04, 2006

Google: When The Giant Comes Visiting Tahitian Noni!
It a rare thing when you have an august visitor in the name of search engine Giant, Google! With billions of pages to crawl daily, visitation to all sites is a normal thing by Google bot. This time however, it is a human visitor, not machine, that visited me from the Google! stable.

The 1st thing that occured to me is, WHY? then I suddenly remember that I have been engaged in polemics in defence of Google on many sites with some stake-holders in the blogging and publishing industry who try to paint the search engine giant in bad light on the subject of click frauds. I also did a Review of this giant recently on Amazon.com

I say welcome to Visitor # 442- the giant we feel safe with. Let me repeat again, that this giant is not a goliath.

Tahitian Noni BluesBy Details Detail Visit 442

Domain Name: (Unknown)
IP Address: 64.233.166.# (Google)
ISP: Google
Continent: North America
Country: United States (Facts)
State: California
City: Mountain View
Lat/Long: 37.4192, -122.0574 (Map)
Distance: 7,793 miles
Language: unknown
Operating System: Unknown Unknown
Browser: Default -
Javascript: disabled
Time of Visit: Aug 4 2006 1:02:05 am
Last Page View
Visit Length: 0 seconds
Page Views: 1
Referring URL: unknown
Visit Entry Page
Visit Exit Page
Out Click
Time Zone: unknown
Visitor's Time: Unknown
Visit Number: 442

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