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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Important TNI Phone #'s, Training Calls, Websites, etc.

FLOYD HOLDMAN'S POWER POINT BUSINESS PRESENTION (45 minute version)http://www.noniusers.com/catchthetrain

My Tahitian Noni International (TNI) ID Number:___________Sponsor: _____________

Upline: Dru and Sam Briedis ID 1015

Dru's cell: (760)473-2637
Sam's cell: (760)420-0426

TNI IPC Orders (Distributor wholesale) : 800-445-2969

Tahiti Dream Line (retail orders): 888-588-8244 (ask to register your customers and new IPC's for

Tahiti trip drawing--mail in drawing card)

TNI Customer Service: 888-389-6664

TNI Compliance Fax: 801-431-5825

Commission Inquiries: 888-412-6664

WEBSITES Personalized: (Samples)www.tni.com/Dru
TNI.com website: free personalized website is available to all IPC's. Call Headquarters for a one day password to set up your site.
nonioffice.com -- available to all IPC's and offers more on the business management side, downline reports, etc. Call Headquarters for pricing.

Nonusers.com website: This is our Evergreen Team website. It links to your TNI.com website. All Evergreen IPC's get their own recruiting website free for the first 60 days.The IPC Training/Support side is always free to Evergreen Team IPC's. This is where you will find Floyd Holdman's Touchstone Training and powerpoint presentation of the business, "Catch The Train."
To see the full 45 minute presentation, scroll down to "Catch The Train Updated, March 23,2006.

Testimonials: www.noniisgoodforyou.com

TNI Pacific Region Office Info:714- 754- 2300535 Anton Blvd, Suite 110Costa Mesa, CA 92626Directions:Bristol exit off the 405 freeway,right on Anton, before Starbucks turn right through gate to park.
TNI validates daytime parking.Free parking evenings and weekends.

BUSINESS TRAINING WEEKLY CONFERENCE CALLTNI Corporate Training Call: Every Tuesday, 6PM and 8PM Pacific Time.1-888-864-5842Replay available 24 hours a day Wednesday through Monday

BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY HOTLINES Prospect Recruiting - Five Minute Recording Evergreen Team Sizzle Line: 620-294-2824973-854-1226

TNI Literature: www.tni.com 800-445-2969
Direct Source Publishing (third party, not TNI): www.nonitools.com 800-748-2996
Scientific Research On Noni:noniresearch.org

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