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Friday, July 07, 2006

Replay of Tahitian Noni Chapter Two Meeting Recap

Did you miss it the first time? Don't worry; we've got it again for you! TNI
is about to embark on a journey more exciting and innovative than our
first 10 years. Chapter 2 The North America launch of this incredible new
phase of our company happened last month, June 9-10 in Atlanta,
and you can hear all about
what happened at the event!

Join Northeast Regional Sales Manager Cim Carver

to learn all about it.

The Tahitian Noni International has a new conference call system!

dial 1-888-864-5842 or download an audio file of the conference call

This new and improved service lets you listen at your own speed,
rewind, pause, start over, and more!
Below you'll find the full list of
features and how to use them.

New Conference Call System Features:
1 _Rewind 10 seconds
2 _ Pause
3 _ Fast forward 10 seconds
4 _ Rewind one minute
5 _ Fast forward five minutes
6 _ Fast forward one minute
7 _ Restart from beginning
8 _ Rewind five minute
9 _ Go to one minute from end
* _ Decrease volume
# _ Increase volume

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