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Thursday, June 08, 2006

Noni Munich: Cafe and Lifestyle Center Opened With Pomp and Pageantry!

Europe took a decisive step in the unfolding banner of chapter 2 Noni revolution, sweeping across the world, this last weekend. Shon Withney, the Vice President, Marketing Communications, for Tahitian Noni International Inc. sent us this live update at the German event. He is one man who has the pictorial grasp of this contagious and evervescent Tahitian Noni revolutionary outbreak. Ride with me to Munich with the 'spectacle' of Shon:-


The Munich Tahitian Noni Cafe™ and Lifestyle Center is now open. Last weekend’s grand opening and Chapter 2 kickoff event was a huge success—more than 2,000 IPCs and over 30 media representatives were in attendance!

This is the first full fledged Lifestyle Center in Europe, so European IPCs were ecstatic. The new Lifestyle Center brings a breath of Tahiti to Europe: it is a meeting place for Tahitian Noni fans and for all those who are interested in bringing health and happiness to their families’ lives.

More than 30 journalists and photographers from Munich’s top lifestyle magazines and major newspapers were at the event: Elle, Vogue, Madame, Amica, Bild, Munich Merkur, Applaus, and more were all represented.

Tahitian dancers also entertained IPCs, media and celebrities, including famous German athletes, actors, and fashion designers. And all attendees were wowed by the incredible new Pacific Rim cuisine of the Tahitian Noni Café.

The event was a tremendous success, and Chapter 2 is now officially underway in Europe!

Pictures from Munich:

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