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Thursday, June 08, 2006

Noni Pets: Healthy and Lucky Animals

Every true revolution naturally affects avery aspect of societal living. So is the Tahitian Noni revolution. Not only we humans have been impacted with the ravaging and nourishing wholeness of Tahitian Noni, even, animals and pets have been partakers of the restorative and healing miracle virtues carried by the noni fruit. In this post, I serve you an aggregation of stories shared and experienced by many lovers of animals and pets who testified to the efficacy of the noni fruit in their animals' lives.

The West Nile symptoms is one ailment that horses suffer from. it causes partial paralysis of the limbs, and may lead to destruction of the animals by the owners in order to avoid greater casualities.

At times, and for inexplanable reasons, this ailment defies vetenary vaccinations, but the rapid recovery (under 10 hours), of many horses through oral application of the tahitian Noni Juice has brought many horse breeders to also begin drinking this miracle and acient juice with significant testimonials.

Even, cases of eye infections in horses and other animals, that defied vet's antibiotic prescriptions, were effectively tackled by the natural remedy that Tahitian Noni juice has been known for.

I know of dogs whose eyes were sewn up by ulceration and infection and wwerebeing readied for surgery, Tahitian Noni came to the rescue in many of this cases. In fact it has been testifiedbymany animal (Dogs, birds, cats, monkeys etc.) breeders that Tahitian Noni works marvellously on hypoglycemia, food poisoning and other infections in puppies and other animals. It gives them a boost of natural energy and also build their immunity against all these symptoms, because of its potent antibiotic, immunomodulating, anti-emetic and anti-diarrhea properties.

I once read Dr. Neil Solomon, an authority on Noni, where he said that one of his colleagues, Dr. Gary Tran, to be precise, a practising veterinarian of almost 4 decades, who has used the Tahitian Noni on over 10,000 four-legged animals and pets with a tremendous and amazing results.

Some animal-specific diseases like Canine Parvoviral Infection and Feline Rhinotracheitis, are what the Tahitian Noni has proved to have conquered over ther last decade of re-discovery of this wonder fruit. Tahitian Noni Equine Essentials program is the way out of pain and extremely serious disorders in our domesticated, farm and even wild animals.

For more information, Dr. Neil Solomon's book "Happy and Healthy Pets" can be of great value toyour pets healthy living. you can also shop and relax fromthe Tahitian Noni mall online. just click the "Buy Noni" link on the right column of this page, right after "BBC Health News" link.

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