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Saturday, July 29, 2006

Tahitian Noni IPC Brings Relief To Fellow Katrina Victims
The missionary zeal of our product consultants world wide is something of a mystery to all. Shon brought our way again today, such exemplary and compassionate streak in one of our leaders from New Orleans during the recent Katrina Flooding: Please read on:

I love hearing about people whose lives have benefited because of Tahitian Noni® products and because of their Tahitian Noni business. Such stories reaffirm that the Tahitian Noni opportunity truly is The One Good Thing™ you can do for yourself and your family.

Connie Uddo is a Diamond Pearl IPC from New Orleans. Together with her husband Mark, a handful of helpful neighbors, and the income and time freedom that her Tahitian Noni business provides for her family, Connie was able to open her home as a resource center for her hurricane devastated community of Lakeview, Louisiana. Connie’s home is now a satellite of the Beacon of Hope Resource Center (http://www.lakewoodbeacon.org/), which is providing relief and recovery for Katrina victims.
“When one goes thru an event like cancer, or the death of a loved one, or a hurricane called Katrina, it changes you,” Connie says. “It brings out things about yourself that you didn't know.”

This experience has helped Connie realize just how much a few determined people can do to help others. “I have kissed my floor many a day and promised God that I would not keep this blessing to myself, and the progress we have made has been fantastic. We are still dealing with flooded cars, fallen trees and telephone poles, overgrown weeds, water and gas leaks, debris, and on and on. But we are a step closer to looking like a normal neighborhood again.” At the center’s ribbon cutting ceremony, tables were set up for local contractors, mold experts, and more. Ruth Smith, Connie’s TNI business partner, set up a table where the two could share the benefits of Tahitian Noni products with their neighbors. “TAHITIAN NONI® Juice has helped quite a few people as they battle the residual health effects of hurricane Katrina,” Connie explained. “TNI definitely has a place in hurricane Katrina recovery.”

Connie is someone we’re proud to be associated with. And her story proves that you never know just how your Tahitian Noni business is going to benefit you and the people you love.

Shon Whitney
Vice President,
Marketing Communications,
Tahitian Noni International

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