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Friday, July 21, 2006

Tepoema Glory: Four New TePoemä® Articles


The positive press wheels are turning like crazy in international markets right now! Four more magazines raved about TePoemä® products in July, this time in Chile. Together these four magazines are read by more than half a million consumers each month.

Combine these Chile articles with the July press we’ve received in Norway, Germany, and Japan, and you’ll begin to understand the power of this opportunity. The Tahitian Noni® brand is fast becoming one of the world’s most recognizable names!

Shon Whitney
Vice President, Marketing Communications
Tahitian Noni International

July 16 edition
Circulation: 380,000

TePoemä® and Moéa® products were main features in Chile’s largest women’s magazine. Mujer comes out every Sunday, and is read by hundreds of thousands of influential Chilean consumers.

July issue
Circulation: 55,000

magazine highlights the benefits of TePoemä products in an article called “Noni to the Rescue!” In the next edition of , editors will raffle off TePoemä products to its readers!

June 23 – July 7 issue
Circulation: 60,000

The TePoemä Skin Renovation Cream is recommended as a way to help with skin issues. Readers in Chile, Bolivia, Uruguay and Paraguay will all learn about this great product in the July 7 issue, and Vanidades will do a complete special report on Tahitian Noni® products in its July 21 issue!

July issue

PubliMark, a major Chilean advertising magazine, talks about the energy-boosting properties of Tahitian Noni products.

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