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Friday, August 11, 2006

Noni U.K, Get Ready For Quintessence Foyd Holdman
Our Mentor and inestimable leader, Floyd Holdman, the man who defeated financial cancer and marched on victoriously to financial freedom, marketing "The One Good Thing"- Tahitian Noni Juice, would be stepping unto the British Isles, to further unfurl the victory banner of noni and ignite the fire of noni in Europe. Read and take note of the date as given by TNI UK:

"Dear TNI UK IPCs,

September is nearly upon us - time to get back to work with reinvigoured spirit and determination and get going with your TNI business!

Q: And how do you do this?
A: With the help of one of the first TNI IPCs & TNI's first Club Marquesas member - Floyd Holdman!

TNI UK welcomes Floyd Holdman - one of only 3 IPCs personally sponsored by TNI when it began in 1996 - to London for the first week of September!

We are delighted that Floyd is committing so much time to helping TNI UK IPCs - if anyone knows anything about recruiting new people and building their TNI business, it's Floyd!

To give you an idea of Floyd's TNI success....

Floyd Holdman is 1 of only 3 distributors personally sponsored by TNI in 1996. He is 1 of only 8 TNI Presidents Team members in the world and one of the 14 Club Marquises members. Globally, Floyd has a downline of over 150,000 distributors in 78 countries. He made Black Pearl in only 7 months which has only ever been equalled by one other distributor in the world.

He is also the first distributor in the world to qualify for the following titles (in these timescales)
1st Jade – July 1996 (in 2 weeks)
1st Pearl – Aug. 1996 (in 1 month)
1st Diamond Pearl – Sept. 1996 (in 2 months)
1st Double Diamond Pearl – Oct. 1996 (in 3 months)
1st Triple Diamond Pearl – Dec. 1996 (in 5 months)
1st Black Pearl – Jan. 1997 (in 7 months)
1st Club Marquises – Jan 2001 (This is when the position was created. Floyd met the qualification of 7 personally sponsored Diamond Pearls in December 1999-just 41 months).

Floyd will be hosting the following meetings in the first week in September:

Saturday 2nd September: Super Saturday

10.00am - 2.00pm Product and Business Training with Floyd Holdman
3.00 - 5.00pm Fast Start Camp with Floyd Holdman

Monday 4th September: ‘Seize the Opportunity’ Meeting with Floyd Holdman

6.45 – 7.00pm TAHITIAN NONI™Juice Presentation
7.15 – 8.00pm "Seize the Opportunity" Meeting with Floyd Holdman

Wednesday 6th September: "Seize the Opportunity" Conference Call with Floyd Holdman

7.30pm – 8.00pm TAHITIAN NONI™Juice Webconference
9.00pm : Usual conference call; Dial (0044) 0870 267 4000, then on prompting press 813745.

Saturday 9th September, 10am - 4pm: Coral Camp with Arram Kong and Floyd Holdman

This Coral Camp is open to everyone! You can register by calling 0207 257 2142
5.00 – 6.30pm Leaders meeting with Floyd Holdman: Jades and above only.

This is your opportunity to learn from the best! Do not pass it up!

To register for any of the meetings above, please e-mail Ros Collins at http://us.f327.mail.yahoo.com/ym/Compose?To=rosc@uk.tni.com or call 0207 257 2142

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